Another Spider's-web shawl - fichu

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Well, a friend saw my wife's fichu and decided she wanted a lacier-blingier version. She's a public speaker and wanted something that would sparkle under the lights.

The Summer 2008 Knitter's magazine had this one done in green which fit the bill.

The one I've made was made using a US #7 needle, I only did 10 of the 12 charted pattern repeats (otherwise it was gonna' be huge!). I used a different border and added 6/0 seed beads in multiple colors (blue, silver, clear, etc.) throughout the body and then a blue 8mm bead for the border.

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Your fichu looks great, and

Your fichu looks great, and I love the colour.

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That's really beautiful

That's really beautiful Rick, the blue is gorgeous. I bet your friend will receive numerous compliments when she wears it.


Another wonderful job Rick.

Another wonderful job Rick. I, like you, prefer one project at a time. I feel to scattered if I have multiple. Actually, I am doing two at a time but I have one larger (shawl) and one smaller (socks or scarf).

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Be sure to post some pics of

Be sure to post some pics of what you've completed! I can't wait to see them.

PS. My math question in order to post this is 1+0 = ? (I think I can get this one right - since I'm one of those people who can't count I'm always afraid I'll get a math question that throws me off!)

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Beautiful job. It's always

Beautiful job. It's always great to see your completed projects.

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I wish I could FINISH

I wish I could FINISH projects as fast as you! YOu appear to have done your usual exquisite (spelling?) job!

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It's much easier to complete

It's much easier to complete something when I'm not also trying to design (what is it - 30 or 3,000?) different lace projects like you do.

Also, I make it a matter of practice to only have one thing on the needles at a time - and because I have a short attention span and want to start another I won't let myself start another til I'm done with the first. And because I want to start something new so bad...well I finish the first.