Finally Saying Hi :).

Hi guys:

I've been stalking you all via your homepage URLs for the past couple of days.

It has been great fun and you all seem to have great talent for knitting :).

Inspiring, even. So I pulled out an old sock pattern book and have been trying my hand at it again.

I am having a pretty good time with it too. I had this BRILLIANT (read newbie) idea! Cast on and then, after knitting the first row ~in~ pattern, transfer to needles and join the work.

Cause joining the work after cast-on nearly makes me scream. My double points keep falling out. Blah. And my tension is so (too?) tight after the first row, they stay in.

I am sure it just take practice. /cry.

Great meeting you all via your webpages :).


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I usually knit three

I usually knit three rows...flat...then prevent twisting...then close the join with my caston tail...
whatever works for you!!!!

So it ~was~ brilliant. Ha!

So it ~was~ brilliant. Ha!

Since I posted, I've started over.

As I say in my profile, socks make me crazed :).

Thanks for the replies, guys :).


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UNvention is the bastard

UNvention is the bastard step-child of Necessity.

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