two questions for hippies

can anyone recommend a source for green (i.e. made in the US, minimally processed, organically grown, still smells like the hippy that spun it by hand) hemp yarn??? specifically fingering weight or finer.
any eco-friendly alternative fibers that are as strong?

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Ahk! I meant Manitoba! Not

Ahk! I meant Manitoba! Not Alberta!

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Forgot to say

Forgot to say earlier....

You should check out, if you have any interest in yarn made from the remains of tofu. How much more granola can you get?

Totally, dude.


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Russian hemp is grown to

Russian hemp is grown to fairly lax environmental standards, I would stick with Canadian. We grow some of the world's best, particularly in Alberta.

As for strong eco-friendly fiber alternatives, I would recommend checking out this site: But as a general aside, avoid at all costs Chinese-grown and processed bamboo, because their processing methods are horrid.

And yes, I am a hippie.

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Hey, is a great suggestion and well worth checking-out. Had never thought of myself as a hippy, but I'm itching to try their bulky Ecological Wool. US$16 for 478 yards sounds like a great price. Just feeling a bit guilty about the 'wool-miles' of asking if they'll ship to the UK.

yes, potter, you are

yes, potter,
you are definitely a hippy for answering ;-)

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If I answer this, does this

If I answer this, does this mean I'm a hippie?

Regardless, there is no hemp grown in the United States. It is not technically illegal, but because it is related to cannabis, you actually have to apply for a permit from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to grow it - and they ain't permitting it these days.

There is a wonderful company called Nutiva that sells hemp seed for consumption - it has the highest level of usable protein of any seed, and the DEA tried to shut them down, but lost. THey are based in California, and import their seed from Canada, I believe.

So, sneak over the border into Canada, or Mexico, or Russia for that matter (the largest producer of hemp) - or ANY industrialized nation except the US - to find your organic hemp yarn. Or simply order it off the web (do a search for organic hemp yarn - I found organic hemp boxers for sale that way!!!) and if it doesn't smell hempy enough, order some organic hemp oil from Nutiva and soak it!

Wow, I know WAY too much about hemp. What's up with that???

Jonathan in the DEA's hometown of Washington DC

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