Hemp bag?

If you were to knit a hemp shopping bag in the round, what sort of stitch would you use to reinforce the base? linnen stitch? knit into the last row twice? would you recommend against hex mesh for the sides?

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Hi ,there is a great pattern

Hi ,there is a great pattern in knitty.com summer 2007 everlasting bagstopper. I have used both linen stich and basket stich .basket stich is kind of a pain in the round and with hemp. the best is linen just make sure you have an odd number of stiches. It dosen't knit fast because it is so dense. I made a great hemp daily carry bag out of all linen stich took a while but it has been holding up for 3 years now. hemp is great, stong, and washes well. It just gets softer hope this helps

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I would knit the bottom (or

I would knit the bottom (or even the whole thing) with two strands of yarn. Either the same hemp yarn or something smaller and of similar color... But isn't hemp supposed to be pretty strong...?

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I've also seen designs where

I've also seen designs where the whole bag was knit in mesh, then a solid, contrasting section knit for the bottom and sewn to the inside; almost as if a lining. Usually done in a contrasting colour and extending an inch or so up the sides. The mesh on the outside then forms an overlay with the colour accentuating it.

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most of the grocery

most of the grocery bag-esque bag patterns i've seen begin with a garter stitch bottom and are worked up from the top... maybe you can get some ideas from some of these: