scarf sketch

Okay, MrMFMY. here it is. there was a second page, but it got lost somewhere in the ether... it was just a crude(r) sketch of an idea for the border. basically repeating wing pattern with circles in between. the vesica pisces shapes at the bottom might be a nice easy border too. or background.

Alternately, for something maybe even more simple, a similar perspective on the Tour Eiffel might be sortof elegant.

Ideas? Suggestions?


I really like the direction

I really like the direction you're going from the top left sketch, in particular. It looks great!

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I love how creative and

I love how creative and expansive your ideas are. The Chrysler Building is one of the spectacular Art Deco buildings here in NYC. It has so many beautiful design features. Good luck realizing your ideas and I hope you will share pictures of the results with all of us.


love the mini-mo... would

love the mini-mo...

would you rather make something where the shape of the scarf is actually the silhouette of the tower? it might be a simpler/more repetitive pattern... lacey holes for windows...

Ah... I see what you mean

Ah... I see what you mean now about the perspective! I love it! For some reason, I was thinking that the actual edge of the scarf would be shaped, rather than blocked off. I REALLY like what you're coming up with! WOW... that is WAY over my head! lol.... I can't even imagine how that could be accomplished!

That is truly an amazing design! I'm with you -- I like the little squigglies at the bottom! Most of all, though, the perspective MAKES it! I never would have thought of that. A painting or photograph, perhaps, but in a knitted article, never! I love it!