'I can't believe I'm Lace Knitting!'

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Those who know me are probably a little surprised by the title of this post - but it's the title of a new book I just received.

I haven't taken a LONG look at it yet - but in skimming it, I would say it is a valauble resource for new lace knitters. And not a bad resource for those who do more lace knitting as well. ONe really nice feature is the table with the yarn requirements for all the patterns. With only a little math this would alow you to figure out yarn requirements for other patterns worked similarly. (the table feature means everything is in one place...very convenient)

link to Book on Knitpicks


Is this newly published

Is this newly published MMario? Knitpicks don't ship abroad and I couldn't find it on amazon.

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I think so. I got it from

I think so. I got it from Amazon , in reality - just linked to knitpicks because it was the first when I googled.

Here's the amazon link

url:= http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1601407211

I just checked - June 10th of this year - and Amazon is out of stock AGAIN.......but they should be getting more in shortly.

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Thanks - I now have it on

Thanks - I now have it on back order.