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Good day all - I was looking for the proper "first time post" place, figured it may as well be here since I don't know any better.

I'm adam, aka "adam the teacher", and I've developed a strong urge to learn everything about knitting. I will be giving it a go quite soon, it appears! A key reason for my interest is the fact that in my line of work, I am continually exposed to crafty hands-on creative activities; I love working with my hands on projects that require attention to detail as well as creativity.

FWIW, I teach third grade elementary and find that its much more rewarding as well as significantly more tolerable working with children than it is with most adults. Your mileage may vary.....


Welcome Adam, Stay in touch

Welcome Adam, Stay in touch and if you need any advice how ever silly it may seem ASK. The guys here are a fountain of knowledge & we remember starting & all the mistakes we made!

"They say best men are moulded out of faults; and, for the most, become much more the better for being a little bad." William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

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Hello Adam, Welcome to

Hello Adam,

Welcome to MWK.


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Welcome to MWK...

Welcome to MWK...

Welcome and hope you enjoy your time here at MWK. I find it a joy and a comfort, to know that I have a group of men I can share my ideas and concerns about knitting and life ingeneral.
Barry-the Kilted Knitter

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Thanks for all the welcomes.

Thanks for all the welcomes. At least I know I won't be ridiculed for whatever "experimental" knitting that comes from my shop!


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Welcome to MWK.

Welcome to MWK.

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Adam - Welcome to MWK! Jump

Adam - Welcome to MWK!
Jump on in, but I will warn you - knitting is addictive. Once you pass the beginning hurdles the "Ooo...must try that" tends to take over.

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Yeah! Another

Yeah! Another Teacher!

However, I have to give it to you. I can't stand the little ones, too huggy and they tend to puke a lot. I'll stick with my middle and high kids.
This is a great spot. You'll have tons of fun and learn quite a bit.

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I seedm to recall a lot of

I seedm to recall a lot of hugging and puking in high school too....or maybe it was the parties after school?

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Welcome to the group. I

Welcome to the group. I actually learned to knit in the third grade. We spent an hour a day knitting aquares for the Red cross. They then put them together as afghans and distributed to those in need.

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That is a great idea! I

That is a great idea! I don't know if the third graders at my school do that, but I am going to suggest that they do it this year. Thanks for the idea.


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Hey, hey! Another teacher.

Hey, hey! Another teacher. Awesome.

Give in and learn to knit. Then you can teach your third graders. The third graders at my school do it as part of a global culture unit. They look at how the yarn is made in different countries, the history of some of the knitting patterns from different regions of the world, and the people that knit. They enjoy it, and the boys think it is cool to be like the guys on The Deadliest Catch once they hear about the Irish fisherman knitting while out to sea.

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Welcome to MWK, looking

Welcome to MWK, looking forward to getting to know you better.


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Somehow I knew you were an

Somehow I knew you were an elementary teacher based on the opening cmments. Welcome to MWK! It's hard not to learn things around this place.

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Welcome aboard Adam... keep

Welcome aboard Adam... keep us posted on your projects. You will get lots of help here and inspiration too. After being on this site a few months I have an arm long list of things to learn and to make :) Best site I have found for instruction is It has become a guru site for me to learn new techniques.