Knitting bags/Organizers

Can anyone suggest a knitting bag or organizer for my knitting toys.  I have researched a few on the web, but wouldn't dare make a purchase without input from my fav group of knitters!  I always get so much everytime I log on to this site.  You guys are the best!!!

 Thank you for any ideas or suggestions.


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Hi Luke,You can try this

Hi Luke,

You can try this site as well for a knitted satchel style bag, there is instructions for two sizes.

Go to archive at the top of the page and find Satchel in the list of items.

Happy Knitting  Craig.

My knitting bag is along the

My knitting bag is along the lines of what Lars suggested, but instead of a toolbox, I use a tool bag.  These are easily found at any hardware/home improvement store.  It has 8 pockets on the inside to hold my double points, circulars, stich holders, etc. a main compartment  for a project or two.  There are another 8 pockets on the outside to hold anything else you may need to carry with you.

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Jordana Paige makes a

Jordana Paige makes a messenger bag designed for knitters.  It's a good looking bag, but I don't have one, so I can't give you an opinion on functionality.

Here's the website:

Thansk Kev.  That is one of

Thansk Kev.  That is one of the coolest ideas!  I wasn't even aware of the magazine.  Guess I'd better look through the issues.  Still haven't tried your magic loop socks yet, but they looked really great.