Felted Mittens

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I finished a pair of felted mittens last week and gave them away to a friend on her birthday. The pattern is in the latest Knit It! magazine - though I used Lamb's Pride instead of Lion Wool (perhaps I just identify with lambs more than lions?) They were very simple to make and even fit man-sized hands!

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The blue colour is

The blue colour is beautiful!  How did you make the cord?

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It is an I-Cord, with four

It is an I-Cord, with four cast on stitches. I swear, I-Cord are just amazing - and remarkably strong!

These are really

These are really beautiful!   The more I see felted/fulled items - intentionally that is and not like the odd mishap in the washing mashine - the more I'm impressed with the results.  Really superb!