Picea Pungens Fascea

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It seems I have way too much time on my hands...not true! I just took a picture of the rare Picea Pungens Fascea in my yard. The translation from Latin is Colorado Blue Spruce Scarves. I have seen very few of these grow naturally, but whenever you see one they are stunning!

While seeming to be native to the west - who knows they may have been (or soon be) transplanted anywhere - keep your eyes open guys!


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Are we witnessing breeding

Are we witnessing breeding behaviour?

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Very nice! I wish my trees

Very nice! I wish my trees produced such beautiful treasures!


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i thought it might

i thought it might variations between male and female. thanx for correction

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Is that SeaFoam stitch on

Is that SeaFoam stitch on the scarves? If so, you have one of the *extremely* rare P. Pungens Fascea var. Maritimas, rarely found except in coastal areas.

My question though, is the scarf on the lower right UNDER-ripe or OVER-ripe? The upper left scarf displays the overall blue colour which gives the species it's common name.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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It is the SeaFoam stitch.

It is the SeaFoam stitch. Being that it is in CO it tends to be slightly abbreviated in form than what is normally found in coastal areas. I think our drought has severely narrowed the overall fruit shown on this cultivar.

The lower right is UNDER-ripe. It's still early in the season in CO...it usually is not fully ripe like the upper left one until late June or early July. Must be the global warming that has caused the earlier ripening this year.