Easy Toe-Up Sock

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Several of you helped me test the pattern, as I finished writing it. Well, after weeks of sitting in the car waiting for me to finish the second sock of this pair (a couple of rows at a time), I finally finished it.

Shorter than normal (which I wanted for summer socks). But I'm happy with the pattern. Thanks for all you who helped!

For those who care, it can be purchased (for download) here.

Of course, for me to ever make any money I need to stop giving it to everyone who asks....


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Love the colors. What yarn

Love the colors. What yarn did you use and how did you get the black heel ? I am going to order the pattern.

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The yarn (for the body of he

The yarn (for the body of he sock) is Opal, color "Fantasie" (#1911). It comes in 100g/420M balls - I don't know if it comes in 50g balls or not. It's a superwash 75% wool sock weight. Unfortunately I don't remember what the black is. I bought it for a pair of gloves I made last fall and lost the label. :-)

The heel is actually put in at the end. You leave a hole and work it after the rest of the sock.

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Oh, really nice! I really

Oh, really nice! I really have to get some sock yarn and get to knitting this pattern. Did you knit these to the standard formula on the pattern or did you use some of the suggested alterations?

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I followed the formula

I followed the formula straight up. Nothing fancy. I used size 3 needles w/ sock weight yarn and increased to 56 stitches (I've typically used 58 for socks but found the 56 worked just fine - actually, probably even better than the 58 I used to use!)

The pattern, you'll notice uses rather "unrefined" increases (YOs) and decreases (K2tog) but I must do my yarn overs incorrectly, they don't seem to leave the holes that everyone talks about.

Grace and Peace,

Oooh, I may have to get that

Oooh, I may have to get that soon!