Men's Spring Knitting Retreat?

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So? How was it? *Someone* must be home from it by now;

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Obviously too fantastic an

Obviously too fantastic an experience to put into words; either that or you are keeping mum to force the rest of us to show up next year to see for ourselves. or both! *grin*

C'mon guys - I live most of my live vicariously - how 'bout a few details?

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It's funny but most of the

It's funny but most of the guys are having a somewhat difficult time conveying why the retreat was so satisfying.

On its face, the retreat was a pretty standard event. It took place at a camp-like place with a main lodge, where we took all our meals and met for workshops. The lodging was simple, but clean with 2 or 4 guys to a room (the quads had bunk beds). There were nametags, hand-out materials with agendas and a little gift bag. There were a total of 8 workshops offered, including a visit to a local alpaca farm. Each morning at 7:00, there was a yoga class offered for those who cared, and some of the participants were asked to help with meal cleanup. There was a simple get-to-know-you game and fabulous door prizes from some great sponsors..

And yet, it was the amazing group of guys that made the event spectacular. The clothing-optional hot-tub and fire-heated sauna helped grease the social rails a bit (although I couldn't speak to that personally), but I think the magic happened almost immediately, even before the social grease was cracked open (so to speak).

I think the next one will be a highly anticipated event for the guys who repeat.

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Do you think that anyone

Do you think that anyone would be interested in a winter retreat in FLorida? I live in St Petersburg FLorida. I have a second " double wide tin can house" in Brooksville Florida ( approximately 1 hour north of Tampa) in a premium 55 and over community. We are 12 miles from the SawMill Campground SawMillCampground It is a really reasonably priced place and lots of fun, but no meeting places unless we knit outdoors. However I might be able to reserve a work shop room in my community complex. If anyone is interested let me know.

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WHAT? Nakedness and grease?

WHAT? Nakedness and grease? Damn! I'm really sorry I missed it!

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That happens - or at least

That happens - or at least I've experienced similar type things in various other facets of gatherings; folk music gatherings;

As one person put it; "being with old friends you just met"

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Yeah I echo comments made

Yeah I echo comments made above. It was a great experience. I found it relaxing to be surrounded by the beautiful landscape, encouraging to be among such talented knitters as well as educational (I can now crochet).

The only bad side? I was supposed to walk a bunch this weekend for this "walk at work" and only logged about 3 miles over the two days...good thing I skipped out on the desserts.

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Speaking of crochet, Josh,

Speaking of crochet, Josh, when are we going to get to see some of the results of your mad flower-making skills?

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Well I don't remember

Well I don't remember exactly how the flower pattern went...but I have an idea so I can probably recreate it with minimal swearing.

Actually being the giant loser that I am, I spent last night making granny squares. Three 7x7 squares are complete (those things take like two seconds each) so I am well on my way to my first completed crochet project. Maybe (just for you) I'll toss a flower onto it.

And at least you didn't ask to see the completed man thong I crocheted while there.

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Pictures please....whilst

Pictures please....whilst modeling...please.

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Because, if he mentioned it,

Because, if he mentioned it, he really wants to do it.....*grin*

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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The only word to describe it

The only word to describe it is FABULOUS! It was worth every one of 1550 miles and 29 hours of driving!

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What Joe and Alan said. For

What Joe and Alan said. For me it was also a nice escape from what had not been a very fun week.

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It was a great weekend.

It was a great weekend. Great people, fun, great place. Everyone encouraging and helpful and FUN. (And funny as welll.) I would do it again in a heartbeat. There was some amazing knitting there as well.

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The retreat was truly

The retreat was truly spectacular. I have never been with a group of guys I enjoyed being with more than this past weekend, and based on the many e-mails of thanks I've received, I clearly wasn't the only one.

The retreat center is beautiful, the food extraordinary and the company was sublime.

Some of the guys who went are finding it difficult to convey how moved they were by the experience.

Not at all what I expected, but so grateful that it happened.

Thanks for asking...hopefully we'll get to meet you at the next one.

I've posted a bit about it on my blog today, and will add more pictures on Wednesday

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Sounds like a wonderful

Sounds like a wonderful time. Wish I could have gone. Hope there'll be another one next year and hope I'll be able to attend.

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It ended yesterday - was at

It ended yesterday - was at Easton Mountain retreat center in NY.
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Where & when was the retreat

Where & when was the retreat ? I'm sorry I missed out.