Unlympic Knitting

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Unlympic Mittens I decided not to sign up for the Knitting Olympics because I wasn't sure my wrists would hold up, but I still decided to go ahead with this Unlympic project. These are double layer mittens - baby alpaca inside, hand-dyed & handspun border leicester/blueface leicester cross on the outside. This is the first project I've ever made for myself, and I'm very happy with the results.


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Very nice!  First place! 

Very nice!  First place!  I'd never thought of double mittens before.  I bet they are very warm for this cold winter you're having up north.  Not ony can you be happy with the results but downright proud!

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They ARE warm! I wore them

They ARE warm! I wore them to blow the snow off the driveway and my hands were perfectly comfy the entire time.

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I really like the design of

I really like the design of these mittens--the somewhat angular top, the short cuff on the bottom.  And with the lining, they sound totally luxurious.  Is the lining a different color?

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The lining is done in a dark

The lining is done in a dark brown yarn. I picked this color so that it wouldn't show through and would more or less match the brown in the outer yarn.

Instead of a medal you got

Instead of a medal you got mittens. Topm marks, congratulations. 

Knit away, knit away

Now that you have knitted

Now that you have knitted something for yourself, tell us how you plan to keep it?

That's a lovely pair of mittens. I get the double-knit and the baby alpaca inside. But what is the yarn for the outside? Is it a hand-dyed wool? Or more alpaca? One of the reasons for using alpaca over wool is that hair yarns (alpaca, cashmere, rabbit, dog, etc.) are twice as warm as wool. The other main reason is that alpaca is less likely to cause allergy flare-ups.

I see a new picture of you on the site. You are the one on the left, right? (Hope that doesn't confuse you as much as it would my partner.)

Have fun, 

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The outer layer is

The outer layer is hand-dyed, handspun sheep's wool I got at Rhinebeck last fall from Stonesthrow Farm, who was the vendor next to us at the festival. I bought this yarn expressly to make something for myself, so there's no way anyone else is getting it from me. I decided to line it with alpaca partly for warmth, but also for comfort. I don't have an allergy to wool, but I do find the scratchiness sometimes irritating. That's less of an issue with baby alpaca, though I still couldn't wear that directly against more sensitive skin (e.g., torso), as it still does generally have enough guard hairs to cause a bit of itch.

Wow! A warm pair of mittens,

Wow! A warm pair of mittens, indeed! Great project.

Have fun,