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Here's a pic of a scarf. I sort of designed this myself using scraps of bamboo yarn. I needed to learn how to do a Russian Join. What better way than to do a lot of them? Each color change is a Russian Join (except one that came unjoined and managed to needed a quickly hidden knot).

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For all you wondering the

For all you wondering the pattern is simply cast on any multiple of 10 stitches plus 8. (Keep in mind for airiness use a needle a size or two larger than the yarn calls for - experiment til you find what you like.)

As for the color changes - change wherever you want. Add variation by not always changing at the start of the row, or the middle of the row, just make random changes that suit your mood at the moment! The scarf pictured had five shades from very pale pink to maroon in it.

For every row (including the non-patterned rows) knit into the back of the first stitch, and on the last stitch slip as if to purl (yarn in front). This will give the edges a smooth look.

Start by knitting 5 rows.

Row 6 - do first stitch as indicated, k 6, *yo, k1, yo2, k1, yo3, k1, yo2, k1, yo1, k6,* (*repeat between * until worked across all but last stitch) work last stitch as indicated

Row 7 - knit - slipping off all yo's so you do not increase the number of stitches.

Row 8 & 9 knit

Row 10 - do first stitch as indicated k1, *yo, k1, yo2, k1, yo3, k1, yo2, k1, yo1, k6* (I may not have the * in the right place here - but for those of you doing more than 18 co stitch, you repeat this until you have just one final k1, and then slip the last stitch as if to purl - this should be clear as you repeat it.)

Row 11 - knit - slipping off all yo's so you do not increase the number of stitches.

Rows 11 & 12 - knit.

Repeat until scarf is length you desire, then knit 5 rows and bind off loosely.

If for some reason this doesn't work let me know and I'll work back through it - I'm just doing it by memory here and my looks have always been better than my memory - and you can tell from the pic that ain't saying much!


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You should publish the

You should publish the pattern. It's airy and lovely and the color variegation so nicely mirrors the waviness of the pattern. _____________________________

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Beautiful scarf. You should

Beautiful scarf. You should publish the pattern.


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I admit I have never heard

I admit I have never heard of a Russion Join. Or at least anything called that. What is it?

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It's a way of joining two

It's a way of joining two yarns (either same or different colors). It works especially well for laceweight knitting.

You basically use a darning needle to thread the end of your working yarn up through the plies of the last approx. 2" of that same yarn leaving a small loop. Then you thread your new piece of yarn with a darning needle, through that little loop, then thread it through plies of that second yarn for about 2".

Then with your two yarns joined you continue your pattern. In this scarf, weaving in ends didn't work, nor did the felting join (which is my all-time favorite) because it was a bamboo yarn.

If you do a google search you can find some pretty good videos that show it if my explanation doesn't make any sense.

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I don't know how to describe

I don't know how to describe the Russian Join, www.knittinghelp.com does a good job of it. Look under the "Tips" section in the videos. I'm going to have to familiarize myself with this one as my next project is a cotton blend afghan and it seems this will be the best choice for joining the yarn. _____________________________

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Oh lord, I see another book

Oh lord, I see another book purchase in my future? Where's you find the pattern? Beautiful!