The sweater is done...

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Just wanted to share with everyone that the sweater I've been working on for my partner Ron is done. This is my first sweater so I'm pretty excited and Ron's pretty happy with it as you can see in the picture!



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Wow! I love that sweater! I

Wow! I love that sweater! I have "Son of a Stitch 'N Bitch"
and I didn't even recognize the sweater. Your version is better.

I would have never

I would have never recognized the pattern. Your yarn choice really shows off the design features well. Come down to Massachusetts and the WEBS tent sale this weekend to snag some incredible bargains on yarn. Plus the town of Northampton is a wonderful place to spend the day window shopping and enjoying the sights. I make the pilgrimage every year! Thanks for sharing and GREAT JOB, Ken.

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Nice job! You're making me

Nice job! You're making me feel guilty for my poor neglected husband - I made him a pair of socks last week though.


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Is that a flowering quince

Is that a flowering quince behind him? (The horticulturist in me just has to know)... Once again, nice job. It turned out great.

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I've been wondering about

I've been wondering about exactly the same thing.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

Very impressed, looks great.

Very impressed, looks great. I must admit I was thinking about attempting this one myself for my partner, either this one or the cobra. the only thing that put me off this one was the orange stripes in the book, but I think now Ive seen it with the white it looks much more appealing.
Good job!

This is amazing - you did a

This is amazing - you did a fantastic job.

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totally jealous ... gorgeous

totally jealous ... gorgeous sweater ... gorgeous b/f .... gorgeous flowering tree in the background ... shall I go on??? :)

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To me it looks as if they're

To me it looks as if they're pretty happy with each other, not just Ron with the sweater!

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Great job. The fit looks

Great job. The fit looks wonderful and I like the detail at the front near the neck. A wonderful addition to the whole look. Now it is time to make yourself a sweater.

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Ken, It is a great pattern

Ken, It is a great pattern - I don't have the book but I did get it from the library and I don't remember seeing that pattern. You did a wonderful job. Like it's been said, seems to fit him perfectly. Congrats!!

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Your partner is a very lucky

Your partner is a very lucky guy! He's got a great looking sweater and a talented and cute partner. I'd like to receive such a sweater and have offered to teach my partner to knit many times, but no luck... One day I'll just have to knit one for myself.

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AMAZING! Especially for a

AMAZING! Especially for a first sweater. I, personally, spend a fortune on designer yarns, but seeing how beautiful your sweater looks makes me doubt whether or not the pricey yarn is really important.
You did a spectacular job and your partner (and the sweater!) and you are GORGEOUS!

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Oh wow. I want one. That is

Oh wow. I want one. That is such a great looking sweater and you did a fabulous job. Especially considering that this is your first sweater! What's next?


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Great sweater!!!

Great sweater!!!

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Good job!!!'s a good

Good job!!!'s a good fit!

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Very nice. Both are very

Very nice. Both are very good looking ... as is the knitter.

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Splurge??? C'mon down to


C'mon down to Portland!!!

Central Yarn Shop is having a basket sale!!!

I think it's up to 40 or 50% off this week and 60-70% in the next couple of weeks.

Here endeth the shameless plug for my favorite LYS.


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it looks great - you both

it looks great - you both must be very proud! congrats! -


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The pattern is the Speed

The pattern is the Speed Racer from Son of Stitch n Bitch. The yarn is a simple Bernat acrylic. I used this for two is that Ron is a rugged guy and I needed something that would be easy to wash and care for. Also, as it was my first sweater, I just didn't want to throw tons of money into something that I wasn't sure I'd even be able to pull off. Plus, for an acrylic, it's pretty soft. But next time I'll probably splurge a bit!

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Repeat after

Repeat after me: superwash merino. (probably cost as the same as the bernat acryl, and a far nicer yarn).
acrylic doesn't breathe, and for a rugged outdoorsy guy, you want a fabric that will breathe and keep you warm if it gets wet.

That being said...(life is too short to knit with acrylic..subliminal message) it turned out great. The shoulder shaping treatment is very interesting. I didn't notice that in the pattern (I actually bought the book, IMAGINE).

It looks great...

Great color choices, and it

Great color choices, and it drapes beautifully. Where'd you find the pattern?

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Wow...that came out looking

Wow...that came out looking great. Love the pseudo-raglan sleeve treatment and it looks like it fits him perfectly. Pattern? Yarn?