Are you knitting your Mom something for Mother's Day

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8% (1 vote)
17% (2 votes)
17% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
58% (7 votes)
Total votes: 12


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No..... my mom is long gone

No..... my mom is long gone but my partner's mom is still around at 94. She returns everything she gets, or it gets put on a shelf to gather dust, so we will just take her out to dinner.

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Count me as a no too. I

Count me as a no too. I could knit my mom an urn cozy, but that would be weird. I may knit my step-mother something for Christmas, but it won't happen for mother's day.

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NOTHING! After my mom


After my mom returned three hats I knitted her, telling me to put them in the Christmas White Elephant, she's never getting something unless she expressly asks me to knit it.

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My Mom's in Houston too!

My Mom's in Houston too! Funny, that.

I'm making her a shawl-ish wrap-like ponchoid sweater that's basically four big mitred squares. It's in Manos Del Uruguay and is a manos pattern. I should be done with the squares this weekend and then border, block and box it up! (oh, and take a few pictures of it.) I'm surprising her by hand-delivering it. It's the first thing I've ever made for her, so I'm all nervous and such... :-)


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Nothing for mom. However,

Nothing for mom. However, she will get a lovely card and a phone call. Mom lives in Houston; so, I'm not sure if a sweater or scarf would work well. Though, now that I think about it, with the airconditioning there, they might come in useful in the summer months.

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you forgot "no" I knit my

you forgot "no"

I knit my mom a shawl a few years ago that was a a depiction of their marriage and our family in lace. It took months - so I figure I'm set for a few years. we got her some flowers this year.
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