The battle for time

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It's really spring here in St. Louis - finally. But now I have something competing with knitting for time - the garden. We are having one of the best springs ever and I can't wait to start digging, mulching and pruning. Knitting will just have to wait until the sun sets.

This is our garden yesterday.


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Thanks all. Well it's

Thanks all. Well it's official, I broke out the chain saw yesterday - spring is indeed here.
And yes, those are lilacs in the foreground. This is their first year to really bloom and they smell so sweetly. There is so much work to do but I love every minute of it.

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Yes, spring seems to have

Yes, spring seems to have started early here in NY as well. It's been unseasonably warm the last couple of weeks. Today sees the return to more average temps for us for this time of year. But in the last two weeks I've been able to get a lot done around the house and yard. The fall cleanup which never happened at the time is now done. I've dug up everything from a flower bed in the front of the house and moved it elsewhere. That flower bed is getting torn up completely when they come to replace the sewer line to the house. As is part of my driveway, but that's getting repaved shortly after the sewer line replacement is done.

A sad thing happened the day I did all that digging up of plants. Our oldest Italian Greyhound succumbed to her heart failure. A flower bed where some of our other deceased dogs now reside was revamped to accommodate the stuff I took up from out front as well as to provide her with her final resting place. I'm trying to get grass seed to grow again this year in the area around this flower bed. Tough to do since it's a high dog traffic area.

I've given up on roses, or at least all roses other than the climbers on one end of my house that just cannot be killed. They look lovely, and seem to thrive on being hacked away at to keep them under control. I've got lilacs too, and it looks like I'm going to have them in full bloom a bit early this year (within the week).

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Don't give up on roses just

Don't give up on roses just the hybrid teas. Go for shrub roses - I love the simple single blossoming type, "Nearly Wild" and 'Knock Out" are two of my favorites.

May you Italian Greyhound rest in peace.


I am so sorry to hear about

I am so sorry to hear about your dog....hugs

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we have two gardens where

we have two gardens where various pets rest eternally. Somehow I think the flowers are always a bit bettr in those gardens.

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I don't know how many rose

I don't know how many rose bushes I have out in our front yard, (30?)but they're all sprouting away. In about 4 more weeks, I may have my digital camera repaired and I can post a pic. In the Fall/Winter I've spend a lot of time knitting while I wait for warmer weather. Now, it's off to the yard work, but I'll still knit when I can.


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lovely. i know the feeling.

lovely. i know the feeling. we started earlier here in socal, so i have split my focus for a while. are those lilacs in pic. love them.

What a beautiful garden!!!

What a beautiful garden!!!

I have been doing the same thing and started early this year as weather allowed. The lilacs are blooming, the Redbud and Spring Snow Crabapple too. Makes me sorta of sad to see how fast the blooms go away but then I realize it teaches me to appreciate the fleeting things in take the time to get close and breathe in the fragrance of blossoms. Needless to say....knitting is mostly on the side.

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Beautiful garden. I just

Beautiful garden. I just love spring.


The only thing I miss since

The only thing I miss since moving over here - my lovely English garden. Yours looks beautiful.

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Cripes!! The last patch of

Cripes!! The last patch of snow just melted in my yard two days ago- where is this Missouri place, anyway?

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Judging by the blooms,

Judging by the blooms, you're a week or so ahead of my garden. I am anxiously awaiting arrival of my mulch order; hoping it will arrive *soon*.

I'm ahead of the game this year though because my b-i-l had a yard service come in and rake the winter debris out of the gardens. Muchly appreciated since he built most of the gardens but I have to maintain them. I think the last count was 27 or so....(big yard, obviously)
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