Work on a baby blanket

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Well it's started. I decided if I posted what I've gotten done here I might actually be more motivated to finish it. I don't have a particular baby in mind, but it seems like I'm at an age where my kids' friends are having babies and I get word from then that so-and-so is having a baby next week. So, it's great to have something on hand and ready to go.

The picture shows some of the color being black. That is actually a really deep purple. Somehow I was never able to get that color adjusted.



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Lucky baby! Like the colors

Lucky baby! Like the colors and the pulsating design. I'll have to get my nephews busy making babies so I can think about making baby blankets. My afghans seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Something smaller would be fun for a change.

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This is one cool baby

This is one cool baby blanket and I completely agree with Scott about the developmental factor of the pattern/color. Not to mention it's purple so it instantly has my vote. _____________________________

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With all the information we

With all the information we have on how stimulating bright colors are for babies I don't get why people are still surrrounding them with pink, pale blue and light yellow. Now purple is a stimulaing color and an infant will have a great time focusing on that pattern. I can just see his/her eye crossing and uncrossing trying to focus. So, not only will the lucky recepient baby stay warm but it will also improve his/her eye site. How much is left to do?


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It is only about 20% done.

It is only about 20% done. When finished it's about 30x36".