I Gave IN!!!!!

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I gave in!!!!!!!!! About $900 later I am scheduled to head out for the woods where knitters will meet. Gosh, this will be an experience for a city boy like me. Hope all will be well. I mean, I have a pretty unique niche, gay men, knitting and yoga........ and they will ALL be in Easton mountain. I will be a little silly if I don't take this opportunity to meet men that have similar interests.

So, see ya'll there
Kenny from TEXAS.

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im jealous to the core. i

im jealous to the core. i hope it was fun and peaceful!

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Yay! It'll be good to see

Yay! It'll be good to see you. You should bring that Philosopher's Wool kit and get some input on modifying the pattern.

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That is quite cool...make

That is quite cool...make sure you make arrangements with Easton to be picked up at the Albany airport.

How are you going to bring a spinning wheel?...lol