Great Expectations

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"Maybe it will be underpants," was Nili's comment when she saw my first attempt at a top-down raglan sweater. (She's a friend's daughter, 4 1/2.)


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Thank you! Mason: "The

Thank you!
Mason: "The pattern is my own - there are some general guidelines in a book by Anne-Maj Ling, but I've got to figure out most things myself. (Fun!) Maybe you could call it controlled improvising, since I know roughly what I want it to look like but decide on details along the way.
Thanks, Mike!
Albert: No more broken needles, at least not yet! Rather, my needles revenge on me by making holes in my finger tip. (I'm obsessed with this project!)

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The sculptural effect is

The sculptural effect is coming through beautifully. Broken any more needles?

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I'm looking forward to

I'm looking forward to seeing the sweater completed, beautiful work!


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LOL that's cute. The sweater

LOL that's cute.

The sweater is looking good. What pattern is that?


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