A $300 Scarf?

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I was just sitting here lusting over the new Patternworks Spring catalog when I noticed something called "Batooga Scarf Pattern" which calls for 9 colors of their new "Shokay" Tibetan yak down yarn.

Now I would love to try this yarn, never having knit with yak down and all. And I'm all for helping out Tibetan shepherds, but at $32/164 yd. skein, I doubt I will be trying this yarn anytime soon.

If my math isn't totally faulty this scarf would cost nearly $300 to knit, allowing for the fact that you would have lots of wool left over from each skein since it appears each color is only used for 3 wide stripes in the pattern.

Would you knit a $300 scarf? Would you give someone a $300 scarf? Would you actually wear a $300 scarf outside of a Hollywood Premiere at Telluride or Lausanne? I've spent well over $100 on wool for a sweater but this just seemed to be over the top to me.

My question to you guys (and gals) is: How much are you willing to spend on a new yarn or a new project?
Maybe I'm just turning into an old fuddy duddy but this seems so extravagant that it borders on ridiculous...


I dunno....I sometimes

I dunno....I sometimes cannot justify the cost of yarn for a scarf. It would have to be really super special for someone super special who appreciated super special yarn.

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I forgot about the skein of

I forgot about the skein of hand-dyed, hand-spun nomad camel down yarn I bought a while back. It was on sale for one day only when the lady from Mongolia was actually at the LYS to talk about it. Very enlightening and very expensive. LOL I bought some that was dyed black and will be making a hat with it. I'm a little nervous, though, because A) that was $30 bucks, and 2) I can't get that yarn anywhere else around here...at least not the dyed version.

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And I thought the Noro scarf

And I thought the Noro scarf was pricey. I say let the yaks keep their down.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Maybe when I win the

Maybe when I win the lottery!


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If you only use a portion of

If you only use a portion of each skein for the scarf, I wonder how many scarves you could actually make with all those skeins. Maybe you could look at it like two $150 scarves, or three $100 scarves? LOL Although, that still doesn't seem right.

I'll tell you what, though. I've never paid that much for a scarf or hat, but one scarf I recently made, I WANTED to charge the recipient that much. Two skeins of Manos yarn ($28 total), plus the monetary value of tolerating the agonizing torture of knitting a hugely boring scarf I didn't REALLY have the time or energy to knit multiplied by the number of times he had to beg me to finally convince me to do it for him, and $300 would ALMOST cover it.

...now if only I could find him to give it to him. ARGH!

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J, I'm developing a

I'm developing a man-crush on your little plastic doll- OOh, creepy!

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Well, I don't blame you.

Well, I don't blame you. James Dean is quite the hottie...er...WAS quite the hottie.

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Eee.....well, I did a

Eee.....well, I did a commisioned scarf once (and only once) with a skein of Tilly Tomas Crystal. It was normally 120.00 a pop...but lucky me (I keep saying)...I got it for 90.00.

Mostly my purchases are Malabrigo hand dyed worsted and chunky weight...at 11.00 a skein.

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Well, Classic Elite has a

Well, Classic Elite has a pattern for a run-of-the-mill men's scarf at their website. It only takes three skeins of their cashmere at $50.00 a pop. What a hoot - eh? I like to be generous when I can be, my housemate's xmas scarf cost around $35 - $40. only because I got the Classic Elite Miracle at a 20% off sale. (and I thought that was being close to over the top for a scarf.) I haven't seen the issue you're talking about, but will definitely be laughing when I do see it.

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I've spent much more than

I've spent much more than that per skein on handspun/handyed. I'm not proud or ashamed about it, just wanted it.

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I try to find the best

I try to find the best quality yarn at the most reasonable price (don't we all?). I cannot see myself spending that kind of money for one scarf's worth of yarn even if I had wads of cash spilling out of my pockets. By the way- how do you get down from a yak?

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Very carefully???

Very carefully???

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Albert, maybe that's why it

Albert, maybe that's why it cost $32/skein? LOL Must not be an easy process.... They do say it is as soft as cashmere.

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I saw that too! It should

I saw that too! It should be renamed "Money to Burn" scarf. I thought I was being extravagant spending the $30 for their one skein cashmere scarf!!!

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That would be a great

That would be a great project for the upcoming "Men Who Knit" book! Get to it Marshall -- start designing something! LOL

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi