While I'm venting...

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since I let off steam regarding the marketing of "natural" fibers that are actually manmade extruded polymers of various kinds...

If a company ships your order and the USPS (United States Postal Service) lets it moulder for days on end at various sorting centers (which you are aware of as you are using the tracking feature) it is not the fault of the company you purchased from it is rather the fault of the postal carrier.

and , while I'm at it - just because a company YOU wish to purchase from doesn't happen to ship to your country of residence doesn't make them evil. They aren't obligated to become exporters just becaue you want to buy from them.


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I swear you and I are

I swear you and I are reading the same threads on Ravelry, there is an ongoing whine about KP not shipping out of the country. People don't realize what a PITA it is to ship outside the country, spend 5 minutes on the USPS website picking countries at random and look at thier restrictions on what you can send, and you will see what I mean, some days I read it just for the comic relief.
People want it, they want it yesterday, they want it for nothing and they want it their way.
That's why I have decided that I am not a people, I am a sloth. I'm way too laid back for all their complaining.
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nope - not ravalry - two

nope - not ravalry - two other boards -0 two other threads - same whinge.
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they're worse than herpes in

they're worse than herpes in a whorehouse aint they?

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You have to remember that

You have to remember that some companies cannot ship to other countries for various reasons, and not because of their own choosing. There are restrictions on some of the material entering certain countries.

Then there is the matter of doing business across borders. While we in the US-Canada have a free-trade agreement (which is not really free), there exist a lot of problems with getting some yarns over the border. Then there is the matter of the payment -- that is not always easy to do. Once a business suffers financial losses due to fraud, they are hesitant to do business with anyone in that country again. There just isn't any legal protection for them.

So over all, while they may want to do business with YOU, they don't do it as a general policy. You will have to establish good relations and trust with them first, and then do private business with them. The alternative is to have someone in that country send you the items you wanted. We have people in almost all countries, so that is a possibility.

As Kerry says, you will often be able to find local sources for great yarn and for less cost. You are sustaining a local business, and you have easy access to supplies this way as well. Besides, it's nice to know the sheep/alpaca/goat that produces your yarn!

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When I first started buying

When I first started buying yarn on the net, I was miffed (as were many local knitters) that a certain well known company wouldn't ship to Australia.Most of my griping was to the company by email but I came to realise that their policy was not the end of the world. It made me find local yarn suppliers with excellent products and much cheaper postage, so in the end it is a win/win situation for me.

And a BIG HUG to MMario.

.........well. If one is

.........well. If one is looking for evil, (dramatically eyes dart in the general direction of Washington D.C.) There ARE more culpable entities than companies who, for whatever reasons, do not ship world wide. Point well taken, MM. Beyond that....I suggest a comfy chair, a crackling fire in the fireplace and a cup of "Evening In Missoula" tea. As well as some relaxing knitting. Several deep, cleansing breaths would be advised, also.

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Oh my, someone needs a

Oh my, someone needs a hug.

I wish I were knitting now.

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well, yes; (doesn't

well, yes; (doesn't everyone) but more importantly - *certain people* need a whomp upside their heads.
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Feel free to point them out,

Feel free to point them out, I have a special stick just for whomping!
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