recycled yarn

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I was wondering about unraveling natural fiber sweaters that I find at Good Will, Salvation Army and the like. How would you go about the unravaling (where would you find a place to start)? And what would you have to do to reconditon the yarn? I assume you would do something different to cotton, wool, silk, linen, etc. You can pick up some interesting stuff at the thrift stores for next to nothing. There's always dyeing if you don't like the color as well.



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If you are really into it,

If you are really into it, you need to get a ball winder.

unraveling and winding by hand is awful.

I will concede that in general it is not worth it, but I did manage to find a silk cashmere blend sweater vest for 2 bucks.

so that was worth it.

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

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In all honesty, I don't

In all honesty, I don't really find it worth the effort, though: if the garment is good but too big, you can cut it down on the sewing machine or serger... or shrink/felt to fit, if it's wool...

I would prefer to get a good quality inexpensive yarn from and work with that....

I have reknit parts of sweaters, sleeves, collars, cuffs, etc.

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I think you're right - more

I think you're right - more trouble than it's worth. If I were retired with nothing else to do, maybe, but until then I think I'll just stick to the lys.

I wish I were knitting now.

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I usually look at the

I usually look at the collars and seams for the ends, unravel them... Just remember, if the seams are machine serged or fuzzy at all, they can't be unraveled in one piece of yarn...It was knit as jersey and then machine pieced...

If the fiber can be unraveled, reskein it.. wash it at the in a natural shampoo, don't agitate, of course and then hang it over the shower rod with a light weight (like a t-shirt folded over a plastic hanger) to remove the knit crimp from the yarn....

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If you Google "recycled

If you Google "recycled yarn", you will find mucho rescources to peruse.

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Now why didn't I think of

Now why didn't I think of that? You're right - the first site I opened was exactly what I needed. Thanks a bunch.

I wish I were knitting now.