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Well ive decided to stick with what ive got and learn from the experience! I knit a bit over 3 more rows so far. With school and all i dont have all the time id like with my knitting. I have quite a while till i need to seperate it into 3 parts for the arm holes. Hopefully my first attempt at a sweater wont be one ill regret.. Ill get some more pictures up once i get it double the length it is now!

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I agree, you'll be happier

I agree, you'll be happier with the result if you start over- and DO knit a gauge swatch. I like the colors- very sping-like. Keep us posted.

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For some more knitting know

For some more knitting know how and great explanations on knitted garment construction... check out techknittings blog at http://techknitting.blogspot.com/


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Yeah, I say frog it as well.

Yeah, I say frog it as well. It doesn't look like you have any ribbing at the bottom. But I don't know if you wanted it this way but if you left in plain stockinette the bottem edge would just curl up and who knows where it would stop. It could stop after an inch or two or it could become a belly shirt.

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Welcome! You can keep

You can keep knitting this way until you get to the arm holes: then you divide it into three parts (2 front, 1 back) and knit them separately.
However, you might find the finished garment more comfortable if you start from scratch knitting the pieces separately. I find seams keep this kind of knitting from "flapping". Also, if you knit stockinette from start the garment will curl.
If you decide to frog it, do measure it carefully beforehand to get the correct gauge - small swatches aren't always reliable, at least not mine!

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It's actually not that

It's actually not that difficult with what you have been doing...
You would just use the parts that aren't connected for your front zipper. And the tricky part is that once you get to the arms and the shoulders you will have to do these as separate sections on different needles. It isn't horribly difficult, but it can be done. Just mess with it and take some time to plan your action. Good luck!

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Doesn't look like you have

Doesn't look like you have much done... I say rip and start again. But if you don't want to do that, you can simply join the ends and knit in the round. There will be a bit at the bottom to sew up at the end, but thats ok. fun colors!

Why yes i am, how could you

Why yes i am, how could you tell? hahaha

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Well if you were following a

Well if you were following a pattern it would tell you how many to cast on for each piece. I think you'll be happier of you rip it out and start over.
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I'm sure there is a way,

I'm sure there is a way, but I'm no designer. I'm assuming you're kind of designing this on the fly?

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Wow .. a newbie and already

Wow .. a newbie and already doing a sweater! There are patterns out there where the sweater is knitted all as one piece; the body and the sleeves, from the neck down, where there is no sewing parts together. I don't think that you can salvage what you are doing and plan to do by continue knitting. You have't gotten too far along, so there won't be too much to "frog" out.

Good luck . . I know my two cents wasn't too useful to you, but wanted you to know about the patterns to knit on circs as one whole piece. A friend of mine at a LYS just finished a sweater for the shop using this technique