first pair of socks

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After much deliberation I'm going to start my first pair of socks this weekend. I looked at a zillion patterns and have decided to do the hiking sock from "Knitting With Balls". It seems pretty simple plus its the kind of sock I really like to wear. If anyone has done this pattern befroe and there are pifalls please let me know.

I talked to a major sock knitter a while back and she said that she does both socks simultaneously or in tandum. I'm thinking this is a good idea. Knit the top on both then turn the heel on both, etc. What do you all think?


A few people have had a

A few people have had a problem with the heel turn on that pattern. Check out the post by dizastroboy on Jan 30, 2007, entitled Socks from Knitting with Balls. Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much for that

Thank you so much for that info! I've pretty much decided to get professional help when I get to the heel and toe. The lys knitting ninja and I are going to have a session or two. (Gosh, I hope no one thinks less of me for not trying to figure it out on my own.) I'll warn her of the problem or maybe she'll just show me a better way to turn the heel.

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Socks are really addicting.

Socks are really addicting. I have knit one pair, and I'm off onto my second pair, I can't figure out how to knit two at once on 2 circs, but they go so fast that I don't think I'm going to have the one sock syndrome. I have one pair on the sticks, and yarn on it's way for 3 more pairs. once I have 7 pairs, I doubt I'll ever wear another pair of store bought socks, I love my handknit socks

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I have not yet tried doing

I have not yet tried doing the two at once technique either, but I'm the adventurous type, so I'm taking a workshop with Antje Gillingham next weekend (2/10) on making two socks at once on two circs...I'll let you know how it goes.

If you're on ravelry, and want to see my sock efforts, look up my projects, I'm scenter there too.

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sweet, and I will! This

sweet, and I will! This pair that I'm doing now is yet again another pattern I found on the internet, Bellatrix, they are inspired by Bellatrix Lestrang from the harry potter books, I love that evil bitch :D

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I *LOVE* knitting

I *LOVE* knitting socks!
...but I like heavier, taller socks...because I wear double strand the yarn.
That means each pair of socks costs about $60.
...and the ones I buy are $13. a pair.
My kilt socks average $100. wort of yarn...but are MUCH nicer than any you can buy....

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I think it's a decent sock

I think it's a decent sock that knits up pretty fast. I didn't particularly like the given heel pattern though, so I just did a stockinette heel flap.

And I would seriously suggest at least starting the second sock before you finish the first. I finished my first ever sock before starting it's mate and just didn't want to keep going. It didn't help that I was using fingering weight yarn. I'm addicted to socks now, but I still worry about second sock syndrome!

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That's exactly what the sock

That's exactly what the sock lady said. Evidently she has expeienced second sock syndrome as well.

I wish I were knitting now.

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I love doing my socks two at

I love doing my socks two at a time. It took me a little while to get my mind around it and every now and then I do one at at time on dpns, but generally speaking all of my socks are done two at a time.

I've got "Knitting With Balls." IMHO this looks like a good first sock pattern. You might want to turn back now before you get seriously addicted to knitting socks.

Good luck.


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This is an addiction I

This is an addiction I really want. My goal is to never buy another pair of socks.:)


I wish I were knitting now.