Stepping into the world of multiple projects.

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My wife had warned me that many knitters had multiple projects they were working on at the same time and a fair collection of UFOs. How could this happen? It made no sense to me. Why not just work on a project from start to finish and then move onto the next project. Yep, I thought, that's what I plan to do. No multiple projects or UFO's for me. I will take my time, finish my scarf, and then move on to the next project.

Then, my daughter brought another grandson into the world and I began to think that it would be nice to make a crib blanket for him. My wife showed me a pattern that even I could handle and some skeins of beautiful mint green baby yarn. Before my self-righteous one-project-at-a-time ideals could bring me to my senses, I was already half way to town for another set of circular needles, and in no time found myself casting on the first 180 stiches of the blanket. quickly I've fallen from the high self-control whatsoever.

But I'm having a blast. I'm using two different yarns at the same time to add bulk. One is a solid mint green and the other is mint green with little multicolor flecks. So far it's looking really good and I'm getting a lot of knit and purl practice.

The pattern is called a "Hurdle Stitch." After a week, I've only got about 5 inches done. So I hope I can finish his blanket before he reaches puberty.


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The lure of that next

The lure of that next project is strong. I usually have at least two going at any given time. When I get a little bored working on one I'll switch to the other.


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Welcome to the dark side,

Welcome to the dark side, have a cookie.
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Yarn AND cookies?? You

Yarn AND cookies?? You fiend!

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I knit, I bake and I'm fat.

I knit, I bake and I'm fat. But I'm happy, come be happy with me :) I have coffee, tea, milk AND tequila, my only wish is that we have fun.

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The bird is adorable and I

The bird is adorable and I am with you on this one! I have a rule of not having more than 5 projects going at once because I know, from many years of experience, that if I do any more than that I will never finish most of them.

Yet here I sit on the love seat with a half-done striped garter stitch scarf in my lap, a nearly-completed crocheted shawl by my left foot, a just-started knitted lace shawl by my right foot, and a nearly-done knitted dish cloth on the coffee table in front of me, all WIPs, LOL.

And then there's the knitted afghan (2 years running and half done), the crocheted afghan (complete, not seamed yet), 2 charity children's sweaters and 6 teddy bears (for the Mother Bear Project) all needing seamed. It's hopeless, I tell you but I love it nonetheless. Variety is the spice of my life and I do get things finished now, even if it takes a LONG time.....

Can't wait to see the crib blanket finished!

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Queen Esmeralda sure is

Queen Esmeralda sure is cute. Giver her a kiss for me.
There is just something about a bird. People who don't own one can never understand. They are so lovable and sweet (most of the time).

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don't feel bad....I tried

don't feel bad....I tried one project....then started a second before I finished it...that was in crochet....then I learned to knit and started a scarf, then another crochet afghan, then started another scarf, then another scarf...finally finished one of them, then started a crochet pillow.....and finally another knit at the moment I have 8 going.....If anyone wants to slap me silly, go right ahead.

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Ahh yes. The bird on my

Ahh yes. The bird on my shoulder is a Quaker and her name is Queen Esmeralda. Her nickname is Izzy. She's a real sweetheart. We've even got pictures of her preening our cat.

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What is your birds name? She

What is your birds name? She looks sweet. Is she a quaker. I have a loved bird named Pecker!!!! And he is oooohhhh so sweet.

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I've got a little lovebird

I've got a little lovebird I've had for about 7 years now. He's very tame and loves to come out of his cage. We call him Flip. That's short for Flip The Bird.


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My daughter used to have a

My daughter used to have a parakeet she named Pecker because it tried to peck her through the box when we brought it home (she was 4) after Pecker's untimely demise, (battled the neighbors cat and lost) every time she saw a green parakeet (Yes the most common color) She would get excited and scream at the top of her lungs 'THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE MY PECKER!" I was so proud. If I were a bitter woman, I'd have told her, "Small and green? looks more like your fathers." but I'm not bitter, just bitchy.

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A sign of a true

A sign of a true addict!


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So far I have been able to

So far I have been able to stick with my one-project-at-a-time rule. But one day, I am sure I will fall off the wagon!!!!

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I agree with the ideal of

I agree with the ideal of one project at a time, but life just seems to short to commit to knitting monogamy.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Another one seduced into the

Another one seduced into the dark path of multiple projects!

oops! was I typeing that?

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