Noro striped scarf

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I know it might look like I've been knitting up a storm....but I won't be posting anything new on here for a while. I'm working on an Aran Afghan that will take a bit of time. However, I've sort of committed to teaching a class on it this spring - keep in mind, it's Colorado and while spring keeps showing up, it doesn't stay around until at least April - sometimes May!

But here's the Noro scarf - this worked up so fast!!

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There is something magical

There is something magical about color changes. Beautifully done.

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Beautiful scarf! Randy

Beautiful scarf!


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Beautiful scarf, love the

Beautiful scarf, love the colors.

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I love this scarf. Isn't it

I love this scarf. Isn't it downright exciting to knit?

Very nice Rick! The colors

Very nice Rick! The colors transition well.

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I love how that came out!

I love how that came out!