Brother's Sweater

I made this sweater for my gargantuan brother for his birthday in December.  It took six months to make due to his/its enormous size (the sweater has a 56" chest).  I adapted a basic sweater pattern and knitted it in the round and created a front opening with a zipped collar.  It has underarm gussets and sleeves knitted from the shoulders down, so basically it is in one piece. I'm afraid it is in a very boring brown colour but then again, it was cheap!  - it needed to be!

Actually, the wool is slightly flecked but this hasn't cpme out in the photograph.  I'm afraid he won't be getting another one for a while as I can't afford the time!


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That's a fantastic

That's a fantastic sweater!  Well worth the six months of effort.  Lucky bro! Cool



Thanks!  I'm currently

Thanks!  I'm currently working on a sweater for myself - and making good headway with it.  I'm using a pattern from the Rowan winter collection from 2003 ' A Yorkshire Fable'.  The pattern is called Ernest and uses an Aran-type yarn.  I got a lovely flecked tweed in a chocolate colour.  It should just be ready for summer! 



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Simon,  First, who'd have

Simon,  First, who'd have guessed that you two are related? :-))  Second, I think it's beautiful.  I don't know how to knit in the round and the directions put me off.  I like the simplicity of the design and the colour of the wool.  I bet your brother likes it!

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A very nice sweater Simon! I

A very nice sweater Simon! I often find designs that are a bit simple and gives the yarn a chance to show it self to be easier to wear. This sweater can be worn in any occasion.