Gifts for a dear friend

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I met up with a dear friend from high school and she made a comment in passing that she would love to have a piece of knitting but couldn't decide between a blue hat or blue gloves. I decided to surprise her and make both. The hat pattern is called "Mirelle" and was designed by Kristen Kapur. I used my own color combination in Louet Riverstone Peruvian wool (love it!). The "Fetching" fingerless mitts are from and were designed by Cheryl Niamath. I hope she likes my choices, LOL. I don't do much color work but this was a nice little project for the last few evenings. I haven't blocked them yet but here they are!

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I've been meaning to make

I've been meaning to make the "fetching" mitts. I LOVE the fair isle hat!

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Those are beautiful, the

Those are beautiful, the colors are great!


What a beautiful gift, and

What a beautiful gift, and great colour combination. How can she not love and appreciate them?

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Excellent................thanks for sharing both sides of the hat.......the inside looks almost as beautiful as the outside!


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Wanna be friends?? :D

Wanna be friends?? :D they're wonderful!

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Beautiful work! What a

Beautiful work! What a lucky friend!

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What a great gift.

What a great gift. Ahhh...someday I hope to work with the Masters!

You are already doing that -

You are already doing that - your lace work is great.

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Nice job. Specs please:

Nice job. Specs please: needle size, yarn weight?

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Sorry Albert! I always want

Sorry Albert! I always want to know that too and I forgot!

The Louet Riverstone is light/worsted weight and fairly reasonably priced (about $6.50/skein for 100 gms/193 yds) and a good selection of colors. I highly recommend it; it's a new line though and can be a challenge to find. I bought it from Paradise Fibers and The Local Needle (both online) in a few colors just to try it out.

The needles were my Knit Picks Nickel plated circs (size 7) for the hat body and bamboo DPs (size 7) for the hat decreases and the Fetching mitts.

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What a great gift for your

What a great gift for your friend. I like the colors. I love the blue and white snowflake pattern. Good job.

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A most fantastical job! Love

A most fantastical job! Love the colors!!