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I just won this yarn holder on ebay (this photo is from the listing) for my son who loves cats and is just learning to knit.  I bought another in a different pattern for my partner's birthday (he crochets) and I'm using it until I can find some for me.  I like these so much better than the hard plastic and cardboard types.  This sort I can squish up and stuff into my knitting bag when I'm out and about with a project.  The holder is about 6" tall and 4" in diameter with a zippered top and a hole for the wool.

For those who've not used a wool holder, they are nice because they keep the ball under control.  When the ball is almost used up and is lightweight, the holder keeps it weighted down so the wool isn't bouncing around.  I think they're very practical.

I'm wondering if anyone knows a source for these.  I cannot find any identifying marks as to manufacturer or dealers.  I've only seen them on ebay and from sellers in the UK.  I would like several more as I use 2 at the same time for sleeves and socks.  Can anyone liberate me from my ebay searches for more of these, please?


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A hard plastic version was

A hard plastic version was very common in the 1940's and 1950's but they are a bit difficult to carry around in the knitting bag.   

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I suddenly remembered that

I suddenly remembered that my mother had something like this, but hers was made of a strange '40s paper material, almost like papier-mâché.

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I just noticed that the

I just noticed that the plastic ones are now available at  I don't like the plastic as well as the soft fabric.  

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At the Stitches knitting

At the Stitches knitting convention last year, I bought something similar but made out of clear plastic.  It's a bit smaller (about 3" in diameter and 4" tall) and has a drawstring closure.  Mine only fits one 50g ball of sock yarn, though.  I don't use it all the time, but I can hang it from my wrist while I'm knitting, which works really well.

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Can you tell if these are

Can you tell if these are commercially made or handcrafted?  It may be a small producer of these... may have to just watch for them to show up here and there.

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These are commercially

These are commercially made.  Since I posted this, I've been able to find 4 in different fabrics/patterns.  I really like using them - they protect the wool, keep the ball from rolling around and I can keep an extra ball in each one so it's on-hand. 

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