Finished Liesel Scarf

Attached is the scarf for my sister. While I found it fun, I also found it to be a learning experience as they are so many different sts, you need to pay attention.

I also did not think it was a quick "less than 4 hours knit" for a "beginner." Also, for me, the repeat of 10 patterns of 10 rows would not have been enough. I think I did 20.

But I am happy!

Since Tucker would not pose, I have attached a pic of him being my helper (or maybe more of a hinderance - the reason I make mistakes and had to "tink" -- he likes to play ball while I knit).

Tucker 01.20.08.JPG61.52 KB
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Just lovely, and in my

Just lovely, and in my favorite color too! Well done!

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STUNNING! I've seen others

I've seen others recently...but I much prefer yours!
...the balance is just right...

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Rob, the scarf looks

Rob, the scarf looks beautiful, you should be proud of the great job you've done.

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Beautiful! MWK's Token


MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Oh, that's beautiful. You

Oh, that's beautiful. You did a really nice, even job of of this pattern. I saw some other examples of this pattern done in lighter weight yarns on Ravelry and a few of them looked like they were made by drunk spiders; yours is really fantastic and well-defined, and PURPLE! I love it. I was working on this in worsted weight but after frogging I decided to set it aside until my KP Options Harmony needles came. I cast it on the Harmonies Friday night and found that one of my size 8US tips had a defect I had not previously noticed. Now Knit Picks is sending me another but I think I will wait until it gets here as my only option in size 8US is to use the horrible aluminum straights (that are reaaally long), which make my hands fatigue almost instantly. You and your sister should be very pleased, this turned out beautifully.

Thanks! This one is the

Thanks! This one is the first thing I feel really proud of...not fake proud and such crap.

The yarn is a sportweight I bought at a local shop. It is called Purple Mountain by Brown Sheep Company Inc....called Nature Spun (the brand). I picked it up after a meeting we had there that purlyman organized a few weeks ago.

I used size 8's. I tend to knit more loose I am thinking too but hey.....

The yarn looks lacier in the pic than in real life. I am a lousy photo taker.

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It's beautiful, I love the

It's beautiful, I love the color!

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Great job, Rob!

Great job, Rob!

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Like everyone else, I'd like

Like everyone else, I'd like to know the yarn and needle size. Boy is that a great looking project. Some of my favorite patterns / shapes are leaves so this caught my eye. Good work.

You did a fabulous job with

You did a fabulous job with this. Like MMario and Paxknitter I would like to know the yarn and needle size. Your sister is a lucky lady.

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Tucker refused to pose? Is

Tucker refused to pose? Is his "supermodel" status going to his head? 'Liesal' looks great. yarn and needle size? (I'm nosy!)
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That is really beautiful. I

That is really beautiful. I really like the color. I completely agree that it is NOT a 4 hour project. Especially not for a beginner. However, it is was a very worthwhile project for me, and my mother loved her's (as I'm sure will your sister). I'm curious; what yarn did you use?

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That is beautiful! You did a

That is beautiful! You did a fantastic job! Your sister is lucky to have such a loving brother.

Tucker is adorable as usual.