Socks in Regia Wool


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If you are going to knit

If you are going to knit these colourful socks, of course you want everyone to see them!  Other than going shoeless, or wearing clogs (only the back will show), you really need to get these transparent boots! (at the bottom of the page) (Turbo boots)

you will also find them at (


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In NZ we call those boots

In NZ we call those boots "gummies"; however, I've never seen a clear plastic version. 

This wool is so beautiful and looks soft.  I've got to find some! 

Simon, Don't tell me that

Simon, Don't tell me that you created these since Christmas! I think Paul Smith would be envious of them. Do you wear them?

Yep!  They don't take

Yep!  They don't take long.  I can make a pair of socks in a week although I average a couple of weeks usually.  This wool is soooo easy to knit.  One 50gm ball makes exactly one sock and as the wool is print-dyed it is compulsive watching the pattern appear as if by majic.  You always want to get to the next bit.

Do try and source this wool.  It's widely available from on-line wool shops.  Its soft; 75% wool 25% polyamide; and can be machine washed and tumble dried.  There is another similar brand called Opal which is just as good.

Do I wear them?  I rarely wear anything I make as the novelty wears off when you've been working with it for weeks - or months in the case of sweaters.  I rememer going out with my Mum and Dad, my partner, my brother and his wife.  They were all wearing something I'd made and all I had on (well not exacctly ALL) was an acrylic jumper.  Sad innit.

You've obviously never come

You've obviously never come across this wool before!  It's German and print-dyed and all you do is cast on and knit - away you go!  The pattern appears as if by magic!  They do alot of variations, some are fai-isle, some are stripes and some are more abstract.  I think they're wonderful.  They knit up very quickly as it is complusive to get onto the next part of the pattern.  Opal are another similar brand.  They are widely available here in Europe but check out their website. The wool is primarily for socks but they also do patterns for sweaters and scarves.  Oh and they also sell transparent Wellington Boots! (I don't know the American word for them).  They are what we used to call 'jellies'.  They're wonderful to show off the socks but unfortunately don't do them in men's sizes!


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Absolutely stunning! 

Absolutely stunning!  Wow!  I love the way you matched up the colours. Well done!