Have any of you guys used Lana Grossa 'Filati' magazine?

It looks interesting but not that readily available as far as I can tell.


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I just received my copies of

I just received my copies of the 3 Filati men's pattern books.  These are fantastic designs for guys: very European, very stylish and actually quite modest.  The Lana Grossa wools are scrummy and the patterns don't look inordinately difficult.  The best part for me is that the colour number is included in the pattern so I can order on-line and get the same colour as in the photographs.  Unfortunately, Lana Grossa is not sold in the southern hemisphere.  I might also add that the models are fun to look at, too!  I can recommend these to anyone who is looking for stylish fashions for men.


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OMG - I'll have to purchase

OMG - I'll have to purchase the men's pattern books just for the guy models - leave it to those sexy Italians for stunning fashions and beautiful men!  Now I remember why it's my favourite country to travel in!

But, seriously, I love the jerseys and etc and I would knit each and every one of them.  The problem is that these products are not available anywhere in the southern hemisphere.  I think I'll buy the books and see about ordering those gorgeous wools on-line.  That might prove to be a colour challenge.  But, if you could see the boring patterns and wools (textures and colours) that we have to endure here in NZ, you'd understand why I am more than ready to take the risk.  The rest of the world gets all our good stuff.

Thanks for sharing these *beautiful* things!

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Martin, I never heard of it


 I never heard of it before, but I looked at it now... and I copied that cable design from this month. I really like to knit cable patterns and I thought I could use that one sometime on something. Too bad I can't find any men's patterns, just ads to get their pattern mags and brochures. Still, a good base for ideas (stitch patterns, color schemes) to incorporate into basic plain patterns.

Thanx fer the heads-up,