Rocky Mountain High

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Based on my Tucson Saguaro cap theme, I did up this Rocky Mountain beanie for my cousin's daughter whose first birthday party is today! I started a pink and white thing with her name, but it seemed too uninteresting to me, so I quickly stopped and took it apart. We've had lots of snow and the mountains are beautiful so I thought I'd do this instead (inspired by the attached image).

We're off to Moab (Utah) next week and my guess is I'll be inspired to do an Arches cap next.

Happy New Year to everyone!


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Beautiful. Are you carrying

Beautiful. Are you carrying a strand behind throughout the whole hat? You have a lot of raw material for inspiration out there. Maybe you can design a series of hats following the progression of the Rocky Mountain seasons.

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I am carrying a strand

I am carrying a strand throughout (except for the ribbed brim and the decreasing top). So basically the body has two strands throughout. I have been thinking about a series of landscapes but I didn't think about seasons. For example, I've done the Tucson Saguaro, this one (and I'm doing another right now because that one was a tiny bit too small, which is fine because my cousin's wife is pregnant). We're going to Moab next week and I'm sure I'll be inspired to do an "Arches National Park" cap or something.

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Lovely colours! Asplund

Lovely colours! Asplund

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Excellent work. I really

Excellent work. I really like that, very artistic.


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I like that hat. Oh oh.....

I like that hat. Oh oh..... I think I'm starting to get addicted to big needles and small things. FAST!

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Ha! That's the best thing

Ha! That's the best thing about knitting things for babies!! Results fast!

Holy cow....he just started

Holy cow....he just started that last evening too! Wonderful work.

That is absolutely

That is absolutely beautiful!!! Really reflects the colors and feel of the picture.


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I couldn't have said it

I couldn't have said it better!

Knit like the wind!