Whoops... Accidental Felting

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Well, a friend of mine wanted a "Green Lantern" super hero beanie, so I worked on one and it was a little too big (I thought). It was 100% wool and I knew it would shrink and/or felt some in the dryer. However, I went off and left it in the dryer with some sheets I'd washed. Luckily, this friend of mine has a young daughter who might be able to wear this... it's not stretching at all!! Sort of cool I think. Not sure his daughter's a big fan of the "Green Lantern" however. It's probably a good thing to have happened. I think I know how to make it again with maybe 6 fewer stitches and a smaller, more rounded logo. Fun fun fun!!

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DJ O dear, My dad did this

O dear, My dad did this years ago (when I was very little) with a beautiful sweater. My mum was int he hospital so he had to do the laundry and out came a very little kiddie's sweater.
Well. it is the experiment that counts.......... isn't it?
Merry Xmas

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Yes, and I think it was a

Yes, and I think it was a good experiment. It wasn't exactly what I wanted originally anyway, so I've done another that looks and fits better. And this one (the felted one) might actually fit his little 1 year old daughter (either now or eventually)!

Merry Christmas to you!!!


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Looks very nice

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The thing with felting is

The thing with felting is you have to watch it because you don't know how fast or how much it will felt. One of the few "knitting rules" you kind of have to follow... not like I'll be sending the knitting police to your house ::grin:: Though it did come out pretty cool looking.