How would you do this?

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I found this scarf somewhere, don't remember where now. and thought it looked cool. I know it's knit, and that's all I know. It looks like maybe some drop stitches? But I'd really like to make one but can't find a pattern anywhere that's similiar.

It's purdy! Ok...dropping

It's purdy! Ok...dropping it what I assume it is...when you get to the stitch, you drop it off the needle and not do anything with it (unless told to pick it up)?

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Hell I don't know, I'm not

Hell I don't know, I'm not a knitter but I play one on TV. I didn't expect to be quizzed on this, and aren't all exams usually given on Friday? I can't wait for xmas vacation to begin. I've seen patterns with drop stitches in them, I just dont' do them because it goes against what I was taught. It's the Hardanger of the knitting world.

Woman! Be free! Drop em!

Woman! Be free! Drop em!

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Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm

Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm right behind you Tucker!

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Ingia, thanks for the

Ingia, thanks for the pattern.
drmel94, thanks for giving it a name :)
MMario, thanks for the link.
And albert, thanks for reminding me I still have half a bottle of tequila!
*pup* luv ya guys!

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there's a scarf pattern

there's a scarf pattern using this stich here


The stitch pattern is here at

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Um, the other folks answers

Um, the other folks answers sound pretty good, but if their ideas don't work out just have a few (too many) stiff drinks and just start knitting :)

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Hahaha that's pretty much

Hahaha that's pretty much how I start any new venture!

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It's seafoam stitch pattern

It's seafoam stitch pattern on a garter base and ignia's basically explained it. "YO2", "YO3" and the like just mean that you wrap the yarn around the needle the specified number of times. When you work those YO's later, you only work into the first loop and then let the remaining loops fall off the needle, so that you've got one really long stitch (with YO3 being a longer stitch than YO 2, so that you get that opening effect).

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No dropped stitches here. :)

No dropped stitches here. :) It's all about yarn-overs.
Row 1: purl
Row 2: [something like] k3, *yo, k1, yo2 , k1, yo3, k1, yo3, k1, yo2, k1, yo, k3* - repeat ** until the end of row
Row 3: purl, slip all yo's [slipped yo's will add extra 'highness' to stitches]
Row 4: purl
Row 5: [something like] k1, *yo3, k1, yo2, k1, yo, k3, yo, k1, yo2 , k1, yo3* - repeat ** until the end of row
Row 6: same as Row 3.

Repeat there 6 rows as long as you like.