MMarios FSL Shawl Questions

Never did one before. Yes...there are mistakes but I hope I concealed them well.

As a general rule ---- and I know it depends on the yarn, tension etc....but when will I know I am done?

Is there a number of stitches or a length that I obtain that I should say --- "Hey Bob (I don't like being called Bob other personalities can be annoying), best wrap it up!" ???

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***MathGeek Warning*** Just

***MathGeek Warning***

Just a thought of an analytical way to determine when to stop:
(1) take the 'wingspan' measurement you want in inches (per MMario's post) we'll call this 'W'
(2) measure the pattern repeat in inches in several places on the part of the shawl that is well off the needles, and get an average value, we'll call this 'P'

Then the number of repeats, 'N', on the last row should be N=W/P rounded to the nearest whole number (up or down is your preference)

*** End MathGeek Warning***

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I think my head just

I think my head just exploded.



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awwww- that takes all the

awwww- that takes all the fun out of the guesswork!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!


MATH??????????????????????????? Shoot, I am gonna have to get a calculator to figure out the math question to submit this!

But...thank you all for the advice. I kinda sorta measured it on the needle. They are 29" needles and it is getting tight. But I am thinking I am at 40" so soon!

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I usually keep going until

I usually keep going until the upper edge is a "wingspan" ; *grin* in other words - a good rule of thumb for a triangular shawl is to have the upper edge equal to the outspread arms ; or if the upper edge isn't available (because it's on the needles.....then for a triangle I like to have the tip to upper edge be arm length (holding the tip the needle should reach the shoulder - or maybe as far as the chin. much more and it's gonna be way too large.

Once you've done a few - you get a feel for how many stitches/rows you need with a particular yarn /needle combo.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

I'm doing this one as well,

I'm doing this one as well, and I had a word with Tim who gave me his measurements and then said he would make it bigger next time. I will just keep going until I think it's a good fit.