custom mittens

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this is the first pair of mittens i've made. i made these mittens for myself b/c i have REALLY long fingers and no mittens ever fit me. i had to alter the pattern a bit, but it didn't give me any problems. i'm looking forward to making another pair similar to these, it was loads of fun and kept me entertained for hours at a time.


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Wow! Very nice, I am really

Wow! Very nice, I am really impressed at your craftmanship. I have not yet  attempted to make anything quite that  elaborate but it is on my list of things, techniques to try. My first pair of mittens, a couple of weeks ago, was not that fancy but worked out quite well and was well recieved by the friend I gave them too. Thanks for sharing that post.

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They are magnificent!  I am

They are magnificent!  I am working on my first pair of fingerless gloves.  I like to keep my hands warm but have my fingers free for turning the pages of the NY Times.  When I am finished I will get them photographed to post.  I am using yarn that a friend of mine dyes and really love his color sensibility.  As for the gloves, I still need to get neater with picking up the joins around the fingers.  I can bury the holes with loose ends, but I want to get better at it.


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i hate making gloves for

i hate making gloves for that reason, fingers are so annoying. doing it well is a very hard skill to develop. i should look into making some fingerless gloves as well, being a pianist they might come in handy, especially since my hands are cold all the time. good luck to you with yours, i look forward to seeing the outcome.

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Beautiful mittens Chris! I

Beautiful mittens Chris! I hope you are musically inclined, because REALLY long fingers and musical talent are especially wonderful gifts when they occur together in the same person.

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First pair?  WOW! Great

First pair?  WOW! Great job!

Chris, They are exquisite.

Chris, They are exquisite. What a wonderful job you did. You are a real craftsman.