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I'M IN!!!
supposedly got my invite on 11/26....but there was nothing from them in my email. But i'm in now...same handle, PaganCub

holla at a bitch!


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I've been on it for a couple

I've been on it for a couple of weeks now and while I was really excited to get the invite, it's been a little underwhelming. There's TONS of stuff there, but MWK is a much friendlier community. Does that make sense?

I know there are a LOT of people here, but I actually feel like I know some of you (or at least, I'm getting to know you). I don't know if that'll happen over there. I'm not sure why... just "a feeling."

Of course, I'll keep my account there, and I'm following a few things and I DO like the idea. Maybe my perceptions will change with more familiarity.

Grace and Peace,
`tim <-- Perhaps the only thing I really DON'T like about Ravelry is that it doesn't let me put the ` in front of my name. I don't know why I care, it's just habit and it won't post anything containing that character... go figure :-)

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What you said makes tons of

What you said makes tons of sense to me. MWK is very personable. here if I have a question about a shawl I know to ask MMario or Kerry, if I need to alter a sweater grandcarriage is the person to run to., etc etc. I don't really talk to people there, I joined groups but don't really do anything in them. Mostly for me it's a great way to keep track of my stash and projects. Way better than the notebook I have been carrying around!

as for your `, it's like a little trademark :)


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I got my invite yesterday

I got my invite yesterday too. I haven't had time to explore the site yet -- too many holiday projects on the needles right now, LOL, but I'm looking forward to some quality Ravelry time after the holidays.

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I'm still waiting, 5482

I'm still waiting, 5482 ahead of me. I'll see you there soon :-)

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I got in about a week ago

I got in about a week ago but haven't yet signed in on the site. Guess I haven't been caught up in the Ravelry buzz. I have all I can do to keep up with MWK -- which I love.

I signed up with Ravelry but

I signed up with Ravelry but am still waiting for my invite.........

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by the way, i started a

by the way, i started a group on there too: