BSJ Is Finished!

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Just attached the buttons and sewed up the seams. I'm very satisfied with this little project, and it will soon be on its way to keep an infant warm in Afghanistan.


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This turned out gorgeous!

This turned out gorgeous! The color matching to complete the project also came out perfect. The idea of where the finished work is going only adds to the beauty of it.

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That's a beautiful piece of

That's a beautiful piece of work!! I definitely would love to try that pattern. Congrats!! This blog is certainly an inspiration to all of us.

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I've seen a few of these on

I've seen a few of these on Revelry but your colors are the most elegant I have seen.

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VERY nice!!! Afghanistan?

VERY nice!!!

Afghanistan? Is this for A4A? I've done a few things for that group before.

Charity work is always SO fulfilling...and knowing that someone is going to be nice and warm and VERY appreciative...

Great job!


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Actually, I'm sending it to

Actually, I'm sending it to my cousin, who is currently stationed on a field operations base a ways northeast of Kabul. I'm sure he'll know a local or two who could benefit from this and from a hat I'm sending along. It's not much, but I figure it will at least help someone.

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Gorgeous, and you really

Gorgeous, and you really can't tell that you added another yarn. I wish my daughters would get busy and start making me some grandchildren!

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Look's great! Can you share

Look's great! Can you share the pattern or is it posted earlier?!


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It's Elizabeth Zimmermann's

It's Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket. It's in her Knitting Workshop and I think also in The Opinionated Knitter. EZ books should be in every knitter's library, IMO.

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It's absolutely

It's absolutely beautiful.

wool socks=sexy

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Aw, thanks. Of course, I'm

Aw, thanks. Of course, I'm sure you could crank one out in an hour.

It's good to see your smiling face again. :-)