Lack of LYS

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I have a severe lack of an LYS, we don't even have a craft store. There is a shop in our "area" but it is quite a long drive away and I always seem to be working during their business hours so that leaves me with the internet or catalogs. So what online/mail order sources would you guys recommend? I know there is a daunting number out there but I was thinking more along the lines of recommendations based on personal experience. Also, any mention of sites/catalogs that have really fantastic sales from time to time would be great too, I hate paying retail.

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You might try little knits.

You might try little knits. They typically have great yarn with huge discounts:

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Jimmy Bean's can't be beat

Jimmy Bean's can't be beat for customer service, quick shipping, and great clearance sales, although Knit Picks comes in a close second for me. I've also had good luck with Paradise Yarns, Elann, Royal Yarns, and (although very limited in natural fiber selection, they offer a great price on both Patons and Lion Brand wool). YarnMarket's "Bargain Yarn" shop has a lot of choices and good discounts too.

Another one I'm going to try is Lambikin's Hideaway "Sol", which is their house-brand wool and it's only $4.50/220 yards. Nice bright colors but not a lot of the earthier tones I prefer for myself. Great deal though and if it's as good as Cascade 220 or Riverstone then I'll be building up my stash quite a bit of this wool for gifts.

If you like mostly blends, acrylics, and novelty yarns (although from time to time they do offer alpaca and merino imports), then Smiley's Yarns offers deep, deep discounts, most 50% off. They also offer categories like: $1 Sale, $1.50 Sale, etc. I've yet to place my first order with them but have been told they are nice and reliable from a couple of knitting friends. I can't vouch one way or the other but since I do a lot of charity knitting, most of which requires acrylic/washable yarn, I will order from them when my stash gets low.

I try new online shops out all the time online and so far have had great success with all of them. Patternworks has a nice selection but is on the high end price-wise. Shop around for a good deal. Many online shops offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. The Knit Picks and Elann "house" brands are quality yarns for about half the price of the brand names.

I'm getting ready to place my first international order at English Yarns for some Rowan yarns that I just can't find online in the US. My stash grows ever larger due to the ease of ordering online.....

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KnitPicks for sure!

KnitPicks for sure!

I like a good price too.

I like a good price too. Someone told me about If you buy it by the cone (4 or more) it can be cheaper. I ordered one cone to test it out and I ordered more today.

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All of these suggestions

All of these suggestions look really great and I'm finding lots of good prices/selections. Another note about is that they offer a "Try Before You Buy" option, where for $3(US) you can purchase a sample of yarn to make a swatch before you plunk down the money on supplies for a large project. It could save money in the long-run and especially since internet/catalog shopping is essentially buying site-unseen.

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That's a pretty cool idea.

That's a pretty cool idea. Could make a big difference in how happy one may be with a project.


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I love nice yarns, but I'm

I love nice yarns, but I'm a cheapskate, 2 daughters in college and one heading there do that to a person. I like Knit Picks and Elann. Knit Picks has wonderful customer service and lovely yarn and reasonable prices. Also don't forget, tomorrow is cyber monday. Alot of sites will have sales. *dusts off the credit card*

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I'm fond of Knit Picks. Same

I'm fond of Knit Picks. Same problem, no LYS where I live and since I drive a semi even if I'm in an area with a LYS I can't park there.


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I have used Seaport yarn

I have used Seaport yarn online. After each order they give you a 10% discount code for the next order. I also see many references to knitpicks online here, but I haven't used them.

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Thanks for the suggestions,

Thanks for the suggestions, they both have lots to offer and some really good deals. I love that "Grampa's Garage Sale" section on the Webs site, some of those discounts are nuts.

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WWEBS online is fantastic -

WWEBS online is fantastic - WEBS in the 3D world is like walking through a fantasy is a freaking WAREHOUSE full of yarn!

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There are 100s of online

There are 100s of online yarn shops on my Boomarks. Two of the more well known ones I've used are Webs and elann. The latter does its own range at a good price as well as commercial yarns. Good luck.