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Who taught you how to knit & how old were you?

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I just learned the first

I just learned the first part of November. I'd been watching my wife knit for years and I would say, "You'll have to teach me to knit someday". She would always take me shopping for yarn because I was good at picking out yarn for people she was knitting for. Finally I had her teach me (English) and I have knit everyday since. I am now on my 8th scarf and 4th hat!


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Oh my gosh, you sir are a

Oh my gosh, you sir are a JUNKIE!!!! :-)

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You know, I think you might

You know, I think you might actually be right. Yarn is expensive and I have to think of new ways to pay for it. I've also started stealing. I steal time from other parts of my life like reading and working out to supply my knitting fix. Yesterday I was off work. It was pouring down rain and I just sat there and knit another hat. I think I need help. I need to learn how to knit a sweater!


If you are addicted to

If you are addicted to knitting, it will only get worse if you learn (and happen to like) to knit a sweater. From my point of view, the only thing worse than knitting sweaters is knitting socks. That is a true addiction for me.

I somehow challenged

I somehow challenged Gabriel to do this and thought it only fair we share the fun of posting a weekly topic!

Knit away, knit away

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I learned to knit in school

I learned to knit in school when we had textile craft in 8:th grade, I was the only boy among 10  girls. I was interested in knitting and my grandmother knitted womderful woolmittens and woolsocks with yarn from Norway as they lived near the norwegian/swedish border and she inspired me to take up knitting in 8:th grade.

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I'm completely self

I'm completely self taught.  I used a wonderful book titled, "Knitting: A Step-By-Step Guide," edited by Eleanor Van Zandt (New York: Porland House, 1990).  This book has helped me tremendously and I still refer to it regularly.  I learned crochet from my mother when I was about 7 years old. My mom could never quite get the hang of knitting so she threw in the towel at an early age. At least she instilled her love of needlework in me, for which I will be eternally grateful.

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My best friend Betsy,

My best friend Betsy, www.shizknits.com and Knitty Gritty fame, taught me in October 2004. I wasn't planning on loving it so much.

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I learned a little crochet

I learned a little crochet when I was 22 and hated it! Then about 4 years ago....I taught myself from online instructions (learntoknit.com) but I learned with straight needles and was resting one needle on my left thigh. I knew if I was going to be faster I was going to have to learn on circulars. I was also throwing (engish style) at the time. So I went to my local shop and UNLEARNED EVERYTHING I TAUGHT MYSELF....VERY HARD TO DO!!!! And learned on circulars to knit continental! Then my fingers were a-flyin!

I was 6 or 7 I think. My mum

I was 6 or 7 I think. My mum taught me and my sister. We invented stitches and did stuff that we thought was amazing. None of our efforts came to anything as far as I remember. But I do remember feeling comfortable using the needles. Then, when I was 21 I knitted a teddy bear (KnitTed) for my niece. Didn't knit for my 2 kids, now 28 and 23. Started again this spring when I was in England for Easter. It was K week in my Pre-K classroom that got me going again and I haven't looked back since. I have just taught my first semester afterschool and it is oversubscribed for the winter session.

Knit away, knit away

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I taught myself from a book,

I taught myself from a book, too, when I was 27.

Taught myself from books and

Taught myself from books and articles. My mother and grandmother did do crochet and various types of sewing by hand. I was 33 when my mother challenged me to knit a sweater for my daughter. She was tired of hearing me complain that good sweaters for little girls were almost nonexistent. I'm 57 now and knit every winter.

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My neighbor Pat who is in

My neighbor Pat who is in her early 70's, I was 36....am 38 today.  So it's been a year and a couple months.