Women Allowed?

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I am new to this online community and glad to have a found it. This is going to sound totally wrong but here goes:

How come there are female members in this Men Who Knit community?
How are these women promoting and inspiring the art of knitting amongst men?

I discussed this with a knitting friend and she said that some people just HAVE to be members of every club around, regardless of the criteria for membership. And after sharing my thoughts, I realized that allowing women here demonstrates that this is about knitting, and knitting is a good thing, so what's the big deal. It's about sharing and not being stuck into the mentality of separation and exclusivity. And hey if it weren't for my grandma who taught me how to knit along with other needlework skills, I wouldn't be doing it.


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Dont't forget guys, we are

Dont't forget guys, we are online! How do we REALLY know that ANY of us are men??? *grin* Actually I am an 82 year old spinster in Riga. The pic is one I pulled off a 'bear' site online. As long as we knit, inspire each other, enjoy this, and are friendly it works for me. (Although the men thing is an added bonus.)

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Good point! *looks around

Good point! *looks around suspiciously* There's either alot of good looking men here, or some really ugly women. Either way you all knit beautifully.



Well, this is all pretty

Well, this is all pretty funny, becuase I have an opposite experience. I moved to my area fairly recently, and tried to get involved in various knit groups...you know, trying to see if I can find a good fit. There was one close by to me called "Girls with Purls", so I sent a message asking to join the group. Oh dear, this was like a mini WWIII! They went as far as to have a vote to decide whether or not to let me into their group. The kicker was that they said, "...we would NEVER discriminate against women..."! I mean, what's the deal?

All in all, it doesn't matter to me b/c I have found several friends in a few groups, so that's not a concern. I also realize that not all women in that group were as adamant as a few, but it was still odd to be singled out and discriminated against, on some level.

They eventually said I could join, but as you can imagin, I kind of didn't want anything to do with it.

All that being said, when I go to "girly" groups, I expect to hear about things like salads, cats, and zinfindel. If the ladies wish to hear about hot wings, dogs, and beer, be my guest! :)

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I recently left a knitting

I recently left a knitting group for this same reason. They went about getting rid of the men in a different way, but it all boiled down to the same thing, for some reason there's just something about men knitting that pisses some women off.

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To quote Darrel on the

To quote Darrel on the Forums topic of a similar subject, "As long as you don't make me knit a poncho or a felted purse, I'm cool!".

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Nice call... there was a

Nice call... there was a good conversation on this topic a while back:


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but what about a felted bra?

but what about a felted bra?

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No reason women can't

No reason women can't promote and encourage men to knit!
Men have a long, long history of knitting both as occupation and recreation. Why the general public is not aware of this I don't know.
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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This is not just about my

This is not just about my knitting. MenWhoKnit is to me what Alanon is to the wife of an alcoholic. I'm learning to understand and accept his obsession with knitting through this wonderful bunch of men. Other than Andy's group, and Ravelry this is the only group I belong to. I have looked around and it is nearly impossible to match not only the support and encouragement I have seen here but the pure talent as well. I believe in surrounding myself with people that I can not only look up to but people I would like to emulate, and when it comes to knitting this group of men are the best.
It is also nice to log on here and get to look at a bunch of good looking guys and not have him get jealous! Oh yeah EYE CANDY!

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Everything in moderation -

Everything in moderation - including moderation - so, as a wise woman once told me:

"If it truly worth doing - it should be worth overdoing!"

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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excellent! Now all I need

excellent! Now all I need is an endless supply of chocolate, and well.....to be in Romania, *innocent smile*

as the saying goes...well

as the saying goes...well behaved women rarely make history....you hoot you!

I can name one that is a

I can name one that is a hoot to have around!

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I agree that we are about

I agree that we are about promoting knitting- for me all are welcome as long as they have the passion for knitting. I am about as un-PC as you can get without being tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail, so my position is not about "diversity", it is about connecting with people who share my passion for knitting. End of story.

When I first stumbled onto

When I first stumbled onto this site I just stalked for a long time, but I was pretty impressed with the work being posted, and I learned a lot from reading the posts. Eventually I plucked up the courage to send a couple of private messages and was was encouraged to try something different. After making a comment on a particular piece of work I received a message encouraging me to give it a try.

I am currently doing some lace work which, without the encouragement I have received, I would not have attempted - and I have been knitting for 50 years!

I doubt I will ever post my work because this is, after all, a site for men but I am grateful that I can be a member and for the encouragement I have received. You men do some amazing work, but I should not be surprised - my dad did some wonderful embroidery on our party dresses!

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That's pretty much my take

That's pretty much my take on it as well. I think having some female knitters here is a good thing. If we want to promote male knitting that also includes being accepted and respected by the female knitters, many of whom don't know any male knitters at all.


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