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One of the first projects I ever knitted was a shawl, straight knit stitch, basic decreases. I love how it came out. It's getting to that time of year when I could use it and I pulled it out and noticed that I dropped some stitches and immediately ran to my computer in hopes that one of you could help me. Is there any way for me to go back and pick them up even though it's a FO? Or am I going to have to rip it out and reknit it?

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Yeah, you can use a hook to

Yeah, you can use a hook to work them up to where they belong. It's kind of tedious, but less so than re-knitting the whole thing.


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You can get the stitches

You can get the stitches "reknit" with a crochet hook. This would make much more sense with pictures, but basically dropped stitches work their way down leaving a "ladder" of horizontal yarn. Each level, you reach through the loop, grab that horizontal yarn, and pull it through to make the next level. Repeat until you're up to the top.

You will probably have to rip out your bind off edge, but I think you can save yourself from reknitting the whole thing.