A lace decrease study in placement and type

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One of the things I did last weekend while desporting myself with 88 women at the Seven Hills Inn and Resort in Lenox, Mass was attend a workshop in lace knitting taught by Pam Allen.

It was pretty basic, because a goodly number of the 70 attendees were lace newbies - but still with enough meat to engage the minds of more experienced lace knitters. And while I was aware that placement and type of decreases has an effect on the lace - the sampler she had us knit helped display that - and show the effects.

Basically the sample is an attached series of squares, each with a 'V' of eyelets, except the last which was an inverted 'V'.

Square 1: k2tog before the first eyelet of each pair and skp after the second of each pair
Square 2: skp before and k2tog after

The above pair of squares showwed the hard line of decreases you get with one selection, and the much softer line you get with the other.

Square 3: as 1 only moving the decreases 1 stitch away from the eyelets.
Square 4: as 2, modified as with 3.

the second pair showed much more subtle lines of decreases.

Square 5: decreases moved to outer edge of square.

Square 6: in pam's example was inverted with double decreases up the center line. I changed it to orient the same way as the other 5 - but kept the double decrease up the center line.

Added -
Square 7: inverted v as pam's original square 6
and will add 8 - 12 as inverted examples of the other 5 squares.

Then I'll do the series over again with decreases on the inside angle of the 'V" .

It's an interesting study.

I'm hoping someday to find a class in **using** these techniques in design.


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Sounds like an interesting

Sounds like an interesting class. As a self-taught lace knitter I'm not really aware of all the niceties/technicalities of the craft.

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ditto for myself - which is

ditto for myself - which is part of why I found this class fascinating - tho there wasn't any fancy schmancy stuff or incredible patterns offered. Sometimes learning the nuts and bolts of something you've done is better then learning new tricks.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Sounds like a good exercize

Sounds like a good exercize to try, Would you be able to elaborate further?

CO how many: 20?, 40?
Eyelets are yo, k1,yo?
Purl all wrong side rows?, etc...


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Caston 21; a couple rows of

Caston 21; a couple rows of garter as a bottom border (also between squares) first and last three stitches as garter border. (I did a reverse garter border because I like to be able to do my return rows as all one stitch)

and yes - purl back, stockinette ground

one plain knit row before and after the patterned rows.
center eyelet of 'V' between stitch 10 and 11, followed by single decrease.
6 pairs of eyelets to form the 'V'

I'll make some graphs of the additional stuff I'm going to knit on it.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!