Flat top hats

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When I was in Nepal with the Peace Corps back in the early 90s, I picked up a couple of great knitted caps that had flat tops. They're basically just tubes knitted in the round, folded to make them two-ply, and then a round knitted piece sewn in as the top. I tried to recreate one by knitting in the round for about 10-12", folding in half and knitting the current row of stitches to the cast-on row, and then making a flat top by decreasing in the round or by using a top of six triangles (as seen the pic here) from a pattern I bought at the LYS (http://www.yarnmarket.com/yarn/Artyarns-Supermerino_Flat_Top_Hat_P51-2006.html). If you'd had any luck with a "flat top hat" and would like to share, please leave your comments.


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EZ says that to keep any

EZ says that to keep any knitting flat, you have to make 4 decreases per round, or 8 decreases every second round. Knit the hat from the brim up, for as high as you need, then knit one purl round (for a turning edge) and then decrease in four spots evenly spaced around the top on every round. You can also do a double decrease at four points on every second round followed with a plain knit round.

You can also start at the center top, and knit outwards towards the brim.

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Great. Thanks. I'm going to

Great. Thanks. I'm going to try that on my next hat and see how it goes.

great looking hats. I like

great looking hats.
I like flat top hats too. I have made multiple versions of this hat pattern from Danny Ouellette - a fellow male knitter:
The pattern uses short row shaping and is knit from the brim to the crown.

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I've also made Danny's hat.

I've also made Danny's hat. It's a great pattern but sad to say, mine was way too big for me so I gave it to a friend who has big hair.

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I, too, have been looking

I, too, have been looking for flat-topped hat patterns. The ones I've made so far haven't really been what I want. Maybe I'll have to try the Artyarns pattern. I have a pattern for a child's flat-topped hat that I'm going to modify to fit my head. Hopefully I'll get that on the needles next week between my knitting of the Queen Anne's shawl. It's from "Kids Knitted Hats" by Cabin Fever (Deb and Lynda Gemmell).

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Hi Frank, I really like your

Hi Frank,

I really like your hats. You might like to try the hats at Black Water Abbey Yarn, they are flat top aran hats which I enjoyed making https://secure.addllc.com/BWAY/html/products_frame_page.html

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Very nice hats, specially for cold weather. Thanks for sharing!

I really like those (adds

I really like those (adds ANOTHER thing to the to-do list).

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I've not knitted this hats

I've not knitted this hats but they are beautiful! I dont' wear hats, but this one I would wear.