First project finished, and a new one started

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Just wanted to brag a little bit. I've finished my first project! A ribbed scarf for my daughter, done in Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, rust color. I have now started a new project, a scarf for myself that I'm doing in enterlac. I wanted to learn a new technique, and that one sounded interesting. I'm a few rows of blocks in, and it's going well. I'm doing it in red and orange, with random blocks being done in yellow. It's autumny! I'll post that when I've gotten a little further.

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Entralac eh? I haven't

Entralac eh? I haven't attempted that yet. I'm anxious to see the pic.

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Ayuh - brag away! I doubt

Ayuh - brag away! I doubt there is anyone here who doesn't experience that little frisson of excitement when a project - of any size, comes off the needles.

I was once told "knitters showing off projects are worse then grandmothers comparing baby pictures!" - but from experience I know they/we aren't *quite* that bad!

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Yay! I still remember how

Yay! I still remember how excited I was when I finished my first scarf, twisted stitches, crooked and all! Can't wait to see more from you.

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Great job.... and a scarf!

Great job.... and a scarf! I think scarves are more difficult than just about anything I've ever knit. It takes so much stick-to-it-iv-ness....

Keep up the good work.

Grace and Peace,

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Way to go!! Great first

Way to go!! Great first project. The rust is nice. No what? Time for a 2nd project.

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Great job on your first

Great job on your first project!


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We love to hear about

We love to hear about finished projects. So knit away like crazy so we get to see more of your projects. I'm sure your daughter loves (or will love if she hasn't received the scarf yet) her new scarf. By the way, I like the color.

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Brag away!!! Doesn't matter

Brag away!!!

Doesn't matter how many or how often I finish a project, I always feel like breaking open a new bottle and celebrating!

...and of course, one of the first places I go is right here to tell everyone!!!


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Congratulations! They get

Congratulations! They get easier as you go along. There are so many options you will have, and I'm sure your family and friends will love everything you do. It's always better when it's knit with love.

Good Luck!

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Look forward to seeing

Look forward to seeing pictures! Asplund