As promised the pattern for The Burberry Hat.

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I had the day off from work today and instead of doing the house work, I sat down and wrote out this pattern.
Hope it makes sense.

The Burberry Hat.doc581 KB


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so impressed!

so impressed!

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OMG! Burberry's is charging

OMG! Burberry's is charging $180 for this hat online... and the Craig hat pattern is free for the taking. You are too kind! It's beautiful!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Congratulations onthe birth of the Craig Hat!

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Cool. Thanks for doing

Cool. Thanks for doing it.


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I forgot to mention that it

I forgot to mention that it maybe a good idea to go up a needle size after the ribbing, then when the woven section is complete go back to the 5.5mm needles to finishj the hat.

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will keep that in mind when

will keep that in mind when I get around to doing it. this is so awesome! I really wish I didn't have so much knitting for xmas to do, I'd start work on this straight off.

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Craig, you're my Hero!

Craig, you're my Hero! can't wait to have a Craig Hat :)