Lace Knitting

I have been inspired....and wonder if there is a good beginners book on lace? I was practicing some new (to me) lace sts this weekend and found it fun.

Hmm...I saw GOL on Amazon

Hmm...I saw GOL on Amazon for about 20.00. Does it have instructions? or just charts? are charts hard to understand?

I guess I do not need a total beginners book. I have a great book on stitches someone gave me, plus the web has alot of video how-tos.

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Th simple pattern I used

Th simple pattern I used combined both a chart (which is great to have as a reference to glance at when doing the repeating pattern sets) and instructions that explained exactly how to do the unique stitches (Yarn Over & Verticle Double Decrease). I don't know how the pattern could have made it any clearer. I'd be interested to know if the GOL book is similar.

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The book has basic

The book has basic instructions written out, such as how many stitches to cast on and where decreases occur, but the main patterns are all charted rather than written out stitch by stitch.

It takes a little bit of study to figure out how to read a chart, but it isn't difficult. I personally prefer charts, since I can see how the stitches are supposed to line up and get a feel for how the pattern is supposed to come together.

If you don't end up liking using a chart, it is easy to take the information from the chart and change it to written instructions. It isn't so easy to make a chart from written instructions, so if a book only does one it makes more sense to have the chart.

Well, I ended up getting

Well, I ended up getting that...and one of the Barbara Walker Treasury books...and a few others.

I like to read before bed and these books will give me the time dream!

Also bought one on Hard Cider making and history but that is another story and another forum!

Thanks for the sites

Thanks for the sites MMario...I will check them out at home.

I am at work now and....uh...taking a break. I was looking thru Amazon and it looks like the Gathering of Lace has charts only?

It seems in reading some reviews that people seem to like it one way or the other.

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GOL is a "project" book - a

GOL is a "project" book - a number of projects in the book - and a few more described, but not a book of basics. I bought it because it had a technique in one project I wanted , and it also had the formulae for Pi shawls. It was also interesting reading - and someday I may make something further out of it. I did finally,a year or so after purchasing it make one shawl from GOL.

One of the Barbara Walker Treasuries might be more bang for your buck.

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Are Barbara Walker's book

Are Barbara Walker's book pattern books? Or are they stitch books? I'm looking for books of lace stitches (as a resource reference) so I can knit my own Pi shawl patterns. My guess is for the stitches (for Pi Shawl) I'll need repeats of a repeat of a particular number of stitches. A bunch of lace stitches I've seen consist of a repeat like seven plus 3, or twelve plus 1, etc. Will I go out of my mind looking for lace stitches that will work for the Pi?

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I've only had my hands on a

I've only had my hands on a barbara walker treasury once...(they've all been "permanently borrowed" from the local library) but they are collections of stitches.

I've heard that treasury # 2 is particularly rich in lace and eyelet stitches - but I don't *know* that for a fact.

but - tom, frequently where you have 7 +3, or 12 +1 you can drop the "+ whatever" when knitting in the round. Sometimes you have to shift the next row - but usually they just drop out.

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Thanks, Mario. I'm sure I'll

Thanks, Mario. I'm sure I'll be chatting with you more about those +stitches once I actually start my next Pi shawl or at least start planning it. Have to finish my two QALs first.

I've looked on the Internet and her books are expensive even used. Guess I'll have to find out where our library is and see if they have any of her stitch pattern books.

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I pulled one of those very

I pulled one of those very comfortable leather chairs at Border's right up to the "Knitting"
section and spent about 45 minutes last night going through the books. Aside from being very relaxing... I saw a lot of great patterns - including many for lace similar to the one I am currently working. Treat yourself to a relaxing hour at one of those booksellers! Personally, I didn't even buy anything but feel that I walked away with a wealth of knowledge.

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I would suggest reading

I would suggest reading these sites first:

Eunny Jang's Majoring in Lace including the other lace articles in her sidebar.

Knitting Beyond the Hebrides - lace Symposium Which has a ton of information.

with those articles printed out as reference any of the commerical lace books is going to make a lot more sense.

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It is a little bit on the

It is a little bit on the pricy side ($30), but I really adore the book A Gathering of Lace compiled by Meg Swanson. It isn't really a beginner book, but it has projects for all levels of lace knitting. There are several projects that any knitter could manage, and by the time you are done with a couple those you'd be ready to move on to some of the more advanced projects presented.