Silk shawl

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Just finished is the Shoulder Shawl with cherry leaf pattern from Victorian Lace today. The yarn is a heavy weight silk from ColourMart UK in a steely blue colour. I used 4.5mm needles. The shawl has turned out smaller than it should be, my knitting group keeps telling me to knit swatches first.......

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Kerry, you are amazing. I

Kerry, you are amazing. I am working on a little scarf and thinking of your beautiful work. Your last project inspired me to try and this one makes me want to keep going. Congratulations.

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Makes me wanna start trying

Makes me wanna start trying lace work. :-) Awe-inspiring work!

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What's a swatch? It looks

What's a swatch?

It looks large enough to be useable which is what counts. As usual your lace knitting leaves me green with envy.

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Beautiful. Do you have a

Beautiful. Do you have a close up photo of the stitches? Keep up the great work.

Simply Amazing!

Simply Amazing!

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It's very beautiful!! I

It's very beautiful!! I hope to be able reach that level of skill one day. Perhaps I should learn to use swatches as well... ^_^

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Beautiful! I've always

Beautiful! I've always wanted to try my hand at lace but I keep telling myself I'm not adept enough yet to try something so intricate. (I'm my worst enemy) As for swatches, I dont' do them either. Maybe it's one of those things that the FBI could use to profile, like people who don't do swatches first are more likely to knit handcuffs.

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Amazing!!! Gene summed it up beautifully when he said it was an elegant and beautiful garment. And the colour is just exquisite (mmmmm, running out of superlatives...). You do us blokes proud Kerry!!

This is a beautiful piece of

This is a beautiful piece of work, and I am most envious.

I'm a newly addicted lace

I'm a newly addicted lace knitter, and am having a blast! Seeing your shawl look so beautiful and elegant really makes me want to go on and deep working! It's a little discouraging to see that jumbled, ugly mess of knitting hanging off the needles, but when I see a nicely blocked piece of knitting like yours, it makes all the difference.

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Stunning! You do the most

Stunning! You do the most fantastic lace knitting! The colour is beautiful, too. How long does it take to make such an intricate piece?